Sunday, January 30, 2005

Caught in Mid-Air

While Anita and Joyce look on, Eric expertly executes a shooting manuever. It was a tough game, but thankfully soft-spoken Joyce saved our team at least twice with well shot boules. Anita pointed like a pro - only to have Jeff take her boule on as a target. Posted by Hello

Bocce Mike may be new Petanque Convert

An avid Bocce player for 18 years, Mike's enthusiasm on the Petanque piste may have converted him to boule. As luck would have it, a "bocce-ball" gift from a family friend happened to actually be Petanque boules. We look forward to seeing Mike use his Bocce strategies on us. Posted by Hello

Boulodrome is Packed

With the club membership roster growing steadily, we were fortunate that Joe and Dan groomed all four pistes for use. When the Summer hits, we'll need to expand the Royal Oak piste as well. Posted by Hello

Boules Boules Everywhere

A magnificent showing of club members old and new today. Dan was very busy counting up and sorting the teams. Mike and Cathy's boules were painted (red/yellow) to assist in telling them apart. I think it is an excellent idea. Posted by Hello

Joe Shows Jim His Shooting Techniques

While new member Jim looks on, Joe shoots his boules. We had quite a turn-out this past Sunday. I look forward to more Monty Python-esque exchanges with Jim. What's next? Silly-Boule throwing and using pointed sticks for circle drawing...Posted by Hello

Friday, January 28, 2005

Can No One Stop LaChance?

Michigan Petanque Sports Central News Agency

Report from January 28, 2005 - Team LaChance Reporting

The crowds were cheering thunderously out at the boulodrome Friday night as led by Team Z Obut led by Joe Zajac had his weekly match with chief rival, Team LaChance Integrale. Suspense was in the air as Team Z Obut entered the evening’s match with a 3 games to 1 advantage in the latest Rochester Best of Nine.

Team Z started the evening off with brilliant pointing and commanding shooting scoring a strong 13-4 victory over Team Integrale. This put Team Z into a commanding 4 games to 1 lead, and the Michigan Petanque sports staff was already busy writing the story of what would be Team Z’s first victory in after a string of six Best of Nine wins by Team LaChance Integrale.

Ken Chance of Team Integrale seemed stunned by the result of the first match. With visible effort he collected himself and wiped away his look of shock. And then, the amazing happened, something unprecedented in the experience of the Michigan Petanque Sports writing staff. LaChance turned the night around and went on to win four consecutive games! In the final game, the ninth game of this Best of Nine, LaChance scored a stinging 13-3 win against Zajac. Thus ended the seventh consecutive Best of Nine series, yet again in favor of LaChance Integrale, with LaChance recovering amazingly from a 4 games to 1 deficit. Can no one stop LaChance?

The assembled crowds swept Mr. Chance from the Boulodrome on their shoulders amidst deafening cheers and roaring applause.

In an interview after the match, Mr. Zajac commented that he had consulted a medium for advice on how Team Z can stop the juggernaut that is LaChance Integrale. Zajac related that in answer to this question, the seer's crystal ball went as solidly opaque as a boule! Not a good omen for Team Z.

End of report

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Record Snow Fall Does Not Stop Joe Zajac

President Joe Zajac at the Petanque Boulodrome on Saturday after a record snowfall. He wants everyone to know that he's had the path plowed and ready for our members to access the boulodrome. It is a good thing too, can you imagine how hard it would be to locate thrown boules in THAT snow?! Posted by Hello

Friday, January 21, 2005

It was Not a Banner Night for Team Integrale

Mssr. LaChance reports:

No - it was not a banner night for Team Integrale. But despite that, Team Integrale LaChance did conclude sixth consecutive victory in a Best of Nine series against Team Obut...Or is it the seventh consecutive loss? [In the monotony of reporting the seemingly endless series of defeats, even the staff here at Petanque Sports has lost count...]
Team Obut is leading the present Best of Nine 3 games to 1, however. We believe that this may be a first and may finally put a stop to the juggernaut that is Team Integrale LaChance. Team LaChance apparently was having trouble with the cold and with the glare of the strategically positioned flood lights. The evening itself ended up 3 games to 2, with the final match coming down to a suspenseful 13-12 finale. Of course, Team Obut did not report on their embarrassing (??) 13-3 defeat in the first match of the night, the loss that concluded the latest Best of Nine.

Mssr. Zajac reports:
I'm trying to take the higher road by not reporting gory details... but I can't help but report that last night wasn't to be for Team LeChance! ;-)

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The New T-Shirts Are Ready - Get Yours!

President Joe Zajac models the new Michigan Petanque T-Shirt - Notice the snazzy "Hand Holding the Boule" logo on the back and front. Order yours (it is on a very nice, heavy-weight cotton T-Shirt.) - The price? only $18 E-Mail Joe for yours... Posted by Hello

Petanque Club's Newest Members

While Jeanine points, Anita and Joyce look on. We had a very close set of three games on Sunday. Mike was teamed up with Anita and Jeanine - while Jeff had the good fortune to have Cathy and Joyce for his team. There were plenty of exciting moments - including very good shooting and pointing from these newest members of the Club. The score for the last of the three games was 12 to 12 - a real nail-biter. Of course the sportsmanship award goes to Mike, ever polite and soft-spoken.Posted by Hello

Monday, January 10, 2005

This dude was dressed particularly narly at the recent Petanque meet. Looks like he may feel more comfortable shooting his boules from atop a surfboard. Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Blazing Red Pants Fails in Distraction Technique

Clarence tries to concentrate despite the blazing red pants worn by Joe. Posted by Hello

Jennifer and Sue Having a Great Time with Petanque

New members, Sue and Jennifer played like champs. We're glad to have you both with us. Posted by Hello

Right on the Line . . .

An amazing pointing job by Dave. The cochon was right at the edge of the piste, and he expertly threw his boule right up against it (biberon). Posted by Hello

Our New Members are Really Enjoying the Game

We can tell Larry, Sue, Mike and Cathy have really taken to the game. We'll need you all for our tournament in the Summer so practice that pointing and shooting. Posted by Hello

Greg is BACK

Greg is back with us after helping his family at Le Petit Prince. He is in perfect shooting form. Dave looks on. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fifth Straight Victory for Team LaChance

The latest Rochester Best of Nine ends with a fifth straight victory for Team LaChance Integrale. The reporting staff at Petanque news has never witnessed such an unprecedented string of wins. The latest series ended 6 games to 3, in favor of LaChance.
In the final match, LaChance's pointing had really loosened up leaving a lot of opportunities for Team Z Obut. But in shooting, Mr. Chance was on fire, surgically removing, it seemed, Team Obut's points from the court, throw after throw. There were a number of textbook carreaus thrown in the round. LaChance, because of the sloppy pointing, did have to shoot with the final boule on a number of occasions, something that amazingly did not result in a single disaster. LaChance was heard mumbling apologies to the Petanque gods for daring to shoot with the final boule, knowing that the gods are easily displeased....
Zajac, refusing to be discouraged, seemed upbeat after the match. Tomorrow is another day, he said. And he had played well, losing only due to the uncharacteristically good shooting from Chance. The tables will turn once Team Z can re-focus on practicing, instead of on court excavation at the Bouledrome.
the Petanque reporting staff must also say that the courts are looking magnificent, and are well prepared for what promises to be a good turnout for this Sunday's matches.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Charlie, Logan, Haley and Alex visit the Club

Today we were visited by Petanque enthusiasts - Charlie (Dad), Logan, Haley and little Alex. They have spent a considerable amount of time in France (Alex is even 1/2 French!) and today they had an enjoyable time re-living some of those South of France days playing Petanque at our club. I can tell Logan was very excited about playing boule - he was full of questions about membership, club hours, and what other types of cheesecake we may serve in the future. Haley played on my team and was a magnificent pointer. We really gave Charlie and Logan a run for the win (but Logan and Charlie beat us 13 to 3). Of course Alex enjoys Petanque as well, he has his own boule set and no doubt after a few more years of training, he'll outshine us all. We look forward to seeing you all soon. [Click on the Photo above to make it larger] Posted by Hello

Marley Watches the Humans Play Boule

Marley is the Michigan Petanque Club's mascot. We haven't been able to get him to point/shoot yet, but he seems to have picked up the main part of the game - to relax. Posted by Hello

Walt Shows Us His Petanque Skills

Walt (husband to Diane) came to visit us after seeing the recent cover article in Suburban Lifestyles Magazine. I didn't have an opportunity to play boule with him that day, but look forward to in the future. See you soon! Posted by Hello

Diane and Bob Prove to be Excellent Pointers

Two guests today included Walt (in another photo) and his wife Diane (seen here), and Bob (seen here pointing). Each played exceptionally well, especially since it was their first time. We are very easy-going at the club. You show-up when you wish, and we mix you into the next available teams. Posted by Hello

New Invention - Cochon Scoreboard

Fresh from the invention room of Mad Petanque Scientist Jeffrey, comes the cochonnet scoreboard. The wooden balls were "not of legal size" and so I needed to find a way to recycle them. Voila! Posted by Hello

Joe and Jeff Locked In at Bordine Nursery

This time Joe had company, Jeff. These two were locked in the Bordine Nursery after playing Petanque until 5:30 p.m. (knowing full well the gates lock at 5:00pm) Needless to say, the night watchman kindly unlocked the gate to let us go home. Otherwise, we may have played boule until morning. (preparation for the 24-hour world record?) Posted by Hello