Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mark B. takes the Top Ranking for the Club

In a surprising twist, Mark B., relatively new to petanque, took the top rank spot in the averages with a 2.49 - well ahead of second place spot, Pat A.  But who knows for how long he will be able to retain that placement as Pat will be eager to regain the number one seat. 

Reminder: Wednesday and Thursday are my last two game days until I return from my medieval reenactment camping event on the 12th of August.  I may be able to arrange with one of the players to take custody of the equipment for the week, we'll see.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jason Joins the Petanque Playing and Pat's Team Makes a Strong Comeback

Jason used his bocci experience to lay in some magnificent points in today's game - his first
 Good playing today.  We had plenty of participants, and while we usually break into two (or three games) we decided to keep a nine player game going.  It worked out timewise as the game filled the hour, and there was plenty of edge of your seat moments as Pat's team (Pat, Tim, Mark B., Fred & Sam) had to work their way back from being down six or seven points to nothing in the early rounds.  Team Jeff (Jeff, Jason, Alpha and Abu) won six points (of 10 boules) in the second round - making it tough, but exciting for Team Pat to come back - and eventually win it 13 to 11.  Mark B. is only a game away from entering the top tier of averages, and it is likely that his high average will keep him in the first plce spot for a while. 

Mark just needs one more game to make the ten needed for the top rankings.  His score will make him the top man for the club - and Pat will be eager to lower his average

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jeff and Alpha take a Shellacing in a 0/13 Fanny

It happens, only, today... it happened to me!  The game started off fairly harmless looking with a point or two gained by Abu/Fred, but then they had two rounds of 3 points per, and we were well behind.  None of our boules rolled in even close to contend with Abu/Fred