Saturday, December 31, 2005

East Coast Chapter meeting

The East Coast Chapter had their first meeting of the year last night. They played on Wells Beach Maine with the visiting Detroit members (Melissa/Gregory) won.

The low tide hard sand made for a decent surface though it was necessary to move around the beach. Footprints kept snagging the boules.

Later in the evening, the mini-boules were brought out and more locals were introduced to the game.

Photes to come later.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mini-Boules in Melissa's Living Room

When winter hits in Michigan, the petanque playing doesn't stop - it just shrinks down to 1/3 scale and we play in our friend's homes! Wednesday night, twenty of us packed into Melissa's apartment and we played a series of doublettes, and triplette games amidst all of the festivity revelers. The surprising thing is that the mini-Boules (Mar-Boules) play pretty close to the actual sized boules... we were able to point, shoot even (I did a Tir-au-Fer!) - and of course the strategy is the same. I think, at the evening's conclusion - we had another 10 new converts!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holiday from Joe, Jeff, and Santa

We had a fantastic year with our clubs, tournaments and parties. Let's make sure we have an even better 2006. We're looking at various solutions to the winter petanque problem -- and haven't yet given up hope.

Joe and I are more than happy to crash your year-end holiday events, just give us an e-mail! We even have MINI-BOULES - enough for an indoor tournament!

Joyce Points in a Winning Bocce Ball

We couldn't have made all of these nice arrangements for the Holiday party without the efforts of Joyce "Rubber Duckie" - who made all of the calls - and re-calls - and e-mails to Palazzo di Bocce.

Thierry Dawn Stefan & Lukas Looking Grand in their Santa Hats

Joyce Dan & Joe Satisfying their Boule Urges

It's tough not being able to play our favorite game. But Bocce comes pretty close to it - especially on a cold winter's evening.

Santa Joe in his Official Monaco Bocce Jersey

Holiday Gathering

Holiday Gathering
Originally uploaded by JeffreyWiden.
James, Cheryl, Sue, Cathy, Larry & Joyce (top)

Joe, Jeff, Mike & Dan (bottom)

We were later joined by Thierry, Dawn, Lukas & Stefan. We held the bocce courts until 7pm, while dining on fried ravioli and pizza, then went to the dining room to talk about what were were doing for the holidays. It was good to see the familiar faces and we all look forward to getting outside to play petanque.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Am I the ONLY one Crazy Enough to be out here in 13 degree Weather?

It had to happen, eventually: the day when I'd go out to Campus Martius Park and I'd be the only one crazy enough to show up. and here I was in my new "Red Baron" cap too -- with not a soul to make fun of me. I tossed some boules around -- practiced some shooting/pointing. Then I hi-tailed it back to the firm for a cup-o-soup!

Why Not Play Petanque in the Basement?

With snow on the terrain, and deeper snow coming, we in the Northern states need to come up with solutions for our "Petanque Fix"

Don and Jeff have decided to convert the basement at Jeff's place into a "Palace of Boule" - and not just one court, Jeff can fit about 6 courts down there... It's not as difficult as you'd imagine, you just need the right... dimensions of equipment!!!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Website still gaining traffic

Website traffic is up almost 50% from earlier this summer! Thanks to our BLOG posting members for their pics, and thanks to the entire club for making such great pics possible! The interest in our site and all of our club activities is proof that we're all doing a good job at making petanque fun for everyone. And that's one of the reasons why I'm so happy to be involved! Merci Beaucoup!!!

There's No Business like Snow Business

Some key learnings from the northern petanquers... Petanque CAN actually be played in the snow! Circle drawing is very easy. Snow-play favors the pointer, and challenges the shooter. Dan and I put in 2 games despite the 20 degree weather... It's amazing, did you realize that a wet, frozen boule still doesn't freeze to your bare hand in that weather??? You learn something new everyday!

MPC Board of Directors Meeting

If we can't play petanque, it still won't keep us from having fun! Me, Joyce, Dan, Ken, Denise, and that other guy (we can't quite determine his identity; he may be the newly talked about DPC Prez, but with that newly shaven face, who knows, who let him in anyway!?)

We all got together to get a quick lunch and then jump out to see the great Rochester Christmas parade. Our group always has just as much fun off the piste as on the piste! Isn't that the way it should be all the time!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Gregory Shoots with his Skates On

Nothing can stop the excellent petanque performance of the Didierjeans... Last night at Campus Martius Park, I pulled Gregory away from skating to play some petanque. He didn't even bother to take his skates off (or his gloves) and beat me 13/9 OUCH !

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pigeon Gets Fed Up And Attacks

Detroit pigeons are tough birds. This one (nicknamed: Gregory) decided enough was enough, and flew into Deric just after he made his point. Pigeons attacking people is only a small facet of the adventures encountered at Campus Martius Park.

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow !

If there remains relatively little snow accumulation -- we may be able to play petanque at Campus Martius Park for a few more weeks! Considering it's December -- we're doing pretty well.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Melissa Helps Out Didierjean Family at Le Petit Prince

Melissa and Gregory share more than a passion for petanque. They also share out in the chores at the Didierjean family pastry shop in Birmingham. You should visit them at 124 W. 14 Mile, Birmingham. Melissa might even slip an extra cookie into your bag... (NOT!)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Thief in our Midst???

Joyce brought along her curling iron bag, recently converted to her boule bag... so she says!. I think her eyes were on that Pinot Grigio. The bag and the bottle are ironically similar in size! Keep your eyes on her!!! ;-)

If Marley Can Do It, You Can Too!

Mascot Marley found his own way of keeping warm on Sunday! "These leaves may be bothersome on the piste, but they make a very comfy, warm bed off the piste!" If he can find a way to survive the cold, you can too! Put on that jacket, and those gloves, and stick it out a bit longer, soon we'll be playing indoors...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Friday, November 18, 2005

No Boule Size Restrictions in Michigan

Actually, these are the ornaments for the 55 ft. tree installed at Campus Martius Park (where the Detroit Petanque Club plays). No petanque today - however - as all of the pathways are covered with chairs (and my hands were frozen anyway!) Tonight is the tree lighting ceremony, as well as the opening of the ice skating rink (upper left). See you there!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Next Year Mario Will Play Instead of Straining His Voice

New Mascot for Michigan & Detroit Petanque Clubs?

Miami's South Beach is a pretty wild area, here's Jeff and Joe - with a 106 pound boa constrictor around their necks (name of the snake: Ecstasy). "It felt like a giant garden hose, with something bumbpy moving beneath the outer layer. Ecstasy's head was moving uncomfortably close to the goodies..." scary!

Drink Mango Madness

Jeff and I surely had fun with our trip to South Beach! Just give us a few boules, add in a little Florida sun, top it off with a little Mango Madness, and look at those smiles it produces!

A "Priceless" Night On the Town!

Great games of petanque on Miami Beach... $0 Dollars
Pastis with lots and lots of friends... $500 Dollars
Hans charging the whole night of pastis to Tom's credit card... PRICELESS! ;-)

Dave Barry Can Play Petanque!

Philippe and I thought we were going to teach famous sports columnist, Dave Barry, a thing or two about Petanque. It turns out that he's a natural! Here I'm trying to show him where to land his boule, but he didn't need my advice afterall, he beat us 13-12. OK Dave, it won't be quite so pretty in la revenge!

You Have to Do What You Have to Do...

In between games in South Beach I just had to help out my friends, Hans and Tom. Their team, pictured here, Soledad (left) and Franserly (right), just needed a little help with keeping score for their favorite players... so naturally, as with all things petanque, I'm always happy to lend a helping hand! ;-)