Monday, August 31, 2009

Threading the Needle

Fun games today. Maury and Tim W. reported that they were down 0 to 4 and then they went 13 points unanswered for the win. At one point Maury asked Tim W. to roll his boule between two close opposing boules to point up to the cochonnet - done! Needle threaded! Tim W. also was glad that his shooting was back and strong. My own game went well too - with reliable pointing from both teams - but my own shooting was on and we were able to remove whatever close boules were laid. See you tomorrow.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pat and Eric top the rankings

Tee and I were swept (0 to 7) against Pat and Eric the other day leaving Pat and Eric at the top of the ranking listings. I was shooting pretty well, but overall, we just didn't play as tightly as we should have. Raphael is back, and winning (with Mark) handily. I think the feedback on that game (was that the losing team was playing "too conservative" - pointing when they should have been shooting). Live and learn... Heavy rain today washed away a chance to play - see you Monday!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ann Arbor Petanque

Saturday I drove out to Ann Arbor to see Howard Ando and Jane Wilkinson's new petanque courts at Burns Park. In a word: SPLENDID.

The new petanque courts are situated in a very picturesque spot, close to a grove of trees - and very close to a clubhouse with lavatory facilities. Parking couldn't be easier - adjacent to the court! The courts are bordered with 6 x 6 train ties set deep (almost flush) into the ground with a bevel at the edges to allow for easy wheel chair access.

Saturday was the official introduction of the courts to the world - during the festive Picnic in the Park day. Along with our hosts Howard and Jane were Joe Zajac & Denise from the Michigan Petanque Club along with Ian; Bob (North Carolina); Michel & Jeannete; George & Linda L.; Dan C.; Larry; Frank; Esther (and her dog, River); Hal; Bridgitte; and plenty of others for many rounds of boule playing. Some of the players were new to the sport but they were welcomed right into the game after a brief lesson.

Howard and Jane have set up a tentative schedule:

Sunday, August 30th (starting at 3 pm)
Wednesday, September 2nd (starting at 6:30 pm)
Sunday, September 6th (starting at 3 pm)
Wednesday, September 9th (starting at 6:30 pm)
Sunday, September 13th (starting at 3 pm)
Sunday, October 11th (starting at 3 pm)
Sunday, October 18th (starting at 3 pm)
Sunday, October 25 (starting at 3 pm)

They have many sets of boules for you to borrow (if you don't have your own or bring friends without boules).

COURT LOCATION: 1320 Baldwin Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Howard & Jane: (734) 482-7476


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Games Results for 4 Days

Sorry, I was a tad busy this week so I couldn't post the games results until today. Well above the rest are Pat; Tim C.; and Eric. I've fallen down to 1.81 but I'm hopeful that the remainder of the season will offer me ascending results. Tee and Nancy have really been playing a great series of games, pointing in like superstars. I'm soon to give them lessons in the plombe (high arc pointing).

Today's game (10/13) was, at one stage, a 10/5 game (Nancy & I scored 5 points in 1 round!) - but then the opposition caught up and then won. Lesson? Don't count your chickens before they're thrown!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday's Games

Excellent pointing performed today at my game with Nancy and Tee exchanging boule for boule. They really have been progressing nicely, become quite dangerous. We had one of those types of games where a point is exchanged throughout the rounds, and our game took up the whole lunch hour - while over on the other court, Pat and Hal socked it to Kevin and Maury in two lightening quick games. I'm not sure what transpired - such a big point disparity.
Howard Ando of the Ann Arbor Petanque Club will be holding an opener on Saturday, August 22nd at Burns Park. We're looking at a mini-tournament (6-8 teams) - but we'll see who shows. Michigan Petanque Club members will be representng heavily.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Temperatures Rising - Hard to Go for More than a Game

With the temperatures leaping into the mid-80's and the air so humid you can drink it with a straw ... our steadfast players for the most part were good for a game before scrambling into the air-conditioning of their offices.

The hardy remaining: Buzz, Tee; Nancy and I went for a 7-pointer in the second half of the lunch hour.

September can't come soon enough!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kevin C. returns to the Courts / Bob Moyer re-visits the Club

Today marks the reappearance of Kevin C. to the courts. He certainly had some close games playing alongside Bob Moyer from North Carolina (visiting family in Michigan). I'd like to note how well Nancy has been pointing - with just 9 games under her belt! Those players making the Sunday game in Royal Oak, Bob should be joining you for the day with his VERY rusty boules.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday's Games - Excellent

Our own game was point for point. We had those great rounds where each boule is beaten by the very next boule - over and over again. Very even team playing. There were positions where I didn't think we'd ever point into -- and Buzz or I would make it. Then we thought "heck, they'll never beat us in that set-up" and voila! they do! So lots of delightful surprises.

The other game across the square... their first game, 13/3... then, keeping the same teams... 3/13 ! It is difficult to figure out how the score can become so reversed - sometimes luck plays a bigger role.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jeff W. Returns to Detroit Games from Manitoulin Island

It is good to be back in Detroit, among the familiar, and new faces (Hi Nancy and Tee). Pat A. and Tim W. really helped out greatly - lugging the boules to the courts, keeping the scores, arranging the teams, and keeping the peace. Thanks guys!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ann Arbor Petanque Party!

Roland (left) speaks with Jane and Howard about the huge success they've had with building a third out-post of petanque pistes here in Michigan.
Jane and Howard like playing with MPC in Royal Oak, but driving distances prompted them to take up a cause to install pistes near their home town in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
The Ann Arbor courts opened unofficially last weekend, but they asked me to send everyone a hearty invitation to join them for a public opening of the courts in two weeks on Saturday, August 22. The opening will be in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Seniors Center picnic. Petanque Play will begin by 1:00 pm and run until at least 5:00 pm.
Petanquers are urged to spread the word and bring extra sets of boules for the many expected guests!
For more details, contact Howard or Joe, see the picnic brochure, or print a map to the park... Hope to see everyone there!