Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter INDOOR Petanque

Have you ever played INDOOR PETANQUE on a hardwood floor? There is a petanque group in WHEATON Illinois that plays twice a week. The Chicago winter has absolutely no influence on whether they play or not. They ALWAYS play.

Here is a VIDEO LINK that captures the true spirit of INDOOR PETANQUE in Chicago. Click on the link or cut and paste into browser window.

After you view the video, be sure to leave USB Studios a comment and thank them for supporting our game.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

SEASON OPENER at Campus Martius Park

Finally, a break in the cold temperature! Eleven of us showed up to do battle on the slightly muddy soil of Campus Martius Park (in a few days it'll harden up to its usual cement consistency). Smiles all around as everyone got into the game and quickly things became competitive. Mark W. brought his girlfriend, Danielle, to the courts and she proved to be a g-dsend for our team as she picked up the gameplay immediately and rolled in some very crucial points. Scott T. also ensured our victory by pointing in fabulous boules where nobody thought there was space. My own shooting was terrible (though I lucked out on one of my throws) - it will take a little time to warm up to the outdoor playing. I was glad to see all of the familiar face (and new ones) - to be sure, this season is one of our earliest starts. Wear a jacket and come out and boule!