Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Five Points on a Cochonnet Knock - Takes the Game

Sharon joined the game today after a long time away.  Maury and I teamed up (for the sake of the holiday) and we did pretty well, especially after knocking the cochonnet to the back position, but still valid, and rolling in four more boules for five points and the win.  Slim pickings on players as of late, I certainly hope folks remember we're out here -playing noon to 1pm.  Winter has a sneaky way of slipping in before we realize it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Detroit Hub Visits the Detroit Petanque Club

Ashley, journalist and Kenny, photo-journalist joined us today from The Detroit Hub, a website of journalists dedicated to telling the stories of the people, and organizations that are transforming Metro-Detroit.  I wasn't sure they would be entirely up to our salty group but as it turned out, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the trash-talking experience.  Not one to allow others to passively watch, we drew them both into the action after a short lesson on how to play.  We split into two teams, with Pat A., Tim C., Fred K., and Kenny verses Jeff W., Abu M., Ashley, and Nathan.  Nathan, by the way, is from Vietnam where petanque is regularly played.  While Ashley had progressed at an exceptional pace throughout the two games we played; Kenny displayed a superhuman expertise with the boule.  No doubt we would be in for a strong competition.  The first game went as expected, with the more seasoned players on Pat's team pulling 13 points to our 2.  The second game, a revenge match - had a completely different scheme as we quickly ascended to six points to our opponent's ... zero!   It took quite a bit of yelling coaching on Pat's account to bully inspire his team to gain five points. Time being a constraint, we decided to end the game at that round, and as such, our final result gave Team-Pat the win (13/12 modified).

Nice group for a Wednesday

Kenny displays his mastery of the boule to Ashley

Friday, September 16, 2011

Segway Petanque - Why Not?

As an interesting variation to petanque, we had our first player on a segway try the game out.  The rules of petanque permit (kinda) a segway player to participate.  As long as one wheel is in the circle...   I'm not sure what advantage segway players would have, however, because the machine keeps wanting to "right itself" which throws the aim completely off for a player.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally! a fusion of S.C.A. and Petanque

Today's game was a happy mixture of petanque players with Society for Creative Anachronism friends.  Matt S. and Cheryl D. were walking through Campus Martius Park and we pulled them into our lunchtime game.  Cheryl is an experienced boule player, but this was Matt's first petanque game - though admittedly, he has played bocci before.   I decided to make a true tournament - with Cheryl, Matt, and me representing the S.C.A. against the petanque regulars.  So how did we do?  Not bad at all.  Matt and Cheryl pointed really closely on a consistent basis while I made a few of my shots (a VERY few).  This put us out in the lead for a while until Pat's team got wise and caught up.  In the end, they took the win - but it was not a milk-run by any imagination.
We can see that Pat is extremely happy with the current status of the game

 Pat, Tim and Abu glorious after their victory, went over to the ping pong table to test our Abu's claim that he was the "King on Table Tennis" -  No reports back get on the result.

Matt (as usual) was spectacular at Petanque.  Afterwards we went over to try out the bean-bag toss . . .

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Court Surface at Campus Martius Park - a challenge

Playing boule upon the same surface every time can give you a false sense of predictability.  Tournaments played on your home court will give you some advantage as you familiarity with the "lay of the land" should give you inside information to all of the dips and "puddles" of gravel that might not be apparent.  That is why you should try to mix things up a bit by either varying the places you play petanque (in our case, moving across the street from our usual stomping grounds) or throwing some small twigs and rocks upon the surface to give you and your team a modified terrain.  Remember, the original game of petanque is played in the town squares in the South of France and those squares are littered with bumps, tree roots, and even small trees!

Pat and Sam really warmed up to the different ground surface, which was very FAST running with sparse gravel

Monday, September 12, 2011

Both Teams Took a Beating at Campus Martius Park

In continuation of our Campus Martius Park playing, the lawnside court was a tad on the narrow and meandering side, with lunch-goers eating feet away from where we threw - but as this is the norm for playing in France and in New York - I thought it was important for our players to experience the game under varied circumstances.  iI think our being there, next to the gaming equipment (ping-pong; bean-bag) helps to bring onlookers into the communal gaming experience.  That is always good: a small town experience in a big city.

Friday, September 09, 2011

The Sun Shines for Friday's Games at Campus Martius Park

Playing petanque across the street at Campus Martius Park among players of table tennis and bean-bag toss

In another great trade (because Mark had to leave a tad early) Sam went to the other side, giving him (along with Pat, Mark, and Fred a nice win.  Sam was really rolling in the great points suspiciously when he was playing on Fred's team.  We'll have to investigate this matter further.
Detroit Firefighters Commemorate the Tenth Anniversary of 9-11 at Campus Martius Park

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Game Playing at Campus Martius Park

Campus Martius Park has begun a social games collective for people in Detroit to gather together and interact.  Games include: Chess, Checkers, Table Tennis, Backgammon, Corn-Hole (beanbag), Washers, Bocci and of course Petanque.  The games will be provided through to October 14 (Petanque continues until the snow falls).  For the next few weeks, to promote the games in the park, we will be playing petanque at Campus Martius Park instead of Cadillac Square.  The new court surface will do our players good as we've become too used to the layout of the courts at our usual playing spot. 

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Jazzy Day in the Park

Not a bit turn out for today's games, perhaps folks were thinking there wouldn't be enough room for us to safely toss the boules?  We actually had more than enough room, using the larger of the ten courts at Cadillac Square Park.  Friday, the first day of the Jazz Festival of Detroit might be a different story, but I'll take a look on the Web-Cam and let you know.

Four Points - Lost in Error

It happens...   My team was catching up to our opponents, and we had a good (great) round going with the possibility of four points to be won when the ole' push the opponent's front boule closest by accident routine played out.  In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn't have tried to be so greedy with the points.  Lesson hopefully learned.