Monday, October 31, 2011

What Happens When Cochonnet is Accidently Struck by Opponent's Body?

Today, Pat struck the cochonnet with his boule, but his teammate, standing nearby, accidently blocked the cochonnet's travel off the Court, and it bounced back on to the court.  We, as the opposing team, chose to (i) leave the cochonnet in its new position.  (We didn't "mark" the cochonnet's original position and so we couldn't choose options ii or iii.   But, we were happy for the accident as it prevented Pat's team from getting 4 or more points on an Article-13 (cochonnet off the court).    Pat's shooting, by the way, with the house boules was very successful.  He might leave his "lead bombs" back at his office.

Article 14 – Positioning the Jack after it has been Stopped

(a) If the jack, having been hit, is stopped by a spectator or by the Umpire, it remains where it stops.

(b) If the jack, having been hit, is stopped by a player, his opponent has the choice of:

(i) leaving the jack in its new position.

(ii) putting it back in its original position.

(iii) placing it anywhere on the extension of a line from its original position to where it is found up to a maximum distance of 20m (15m for Cadets and Minors) and such that it is visible.

Abu leapt out of the way of the cochonnet numerous times, gaining considerable height in his jumps.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter Time Detroit Bouledrome Secured at Secret Location

A hard won victory for Sam/TimC./Nick/Jeff against Fred/Pat/Maury at Campus Martius Park this afternoon.   Sam led off each round putting in a boule at around 20 inches from the cochonnet at a medium distance - tempting for the opposition to beat his point (and not to shoot) - which worked to our advantage time and again as Team-Pat threw down 80% of their boules before regaining the point.  This left us with a majority of boule with which to point and a consistent lead in score.  A couple of well placed shots from me, together with the unfailing pointing from Nick and TimC. gave us a comfortable lead despite Team-Pat having a "boule advantage" (Pat and Maury each had three boules to use). 

Club Members have been sworn to secrecy the locationof the "boule bunker" which doubles as a safe-haven in case of zombie apocalypse.  Stocked with food and beverages for a five year span - we could be playing boule in an ice-age

Monday, October 24, 2011

Swept! Team-Pat sweeps up and propels to top of rankings

Team-Jeff/Fred/Sam were schooled today at Campus Martius Park with a Fanny (13/0 loss) to Team-Pat/Maury/Abu.  Every round they had a close first boule, and we expended nearly everything to win back the point.  I'm not sure what was keeping us back - we switched up our playing order, we changed strategy on pointing and shooting - but nothing we attempted worked to our advantage.   They were just the better team.  Aaron E. joined us for the second game which improved somewhat as we had three points this game, but still a loss to Team-Pat (13/3).  I guess some days are like that.  Hopefully not TOO many!  Pat took a healthy lead in the standings - regained.  It'll take quite a few games to dislodge him (if ever).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zanesfield Petanque Club's Newest Member

In an odd news story that has crossed the Country, an exotic animal keeper has set free over fifty wild animals from his Zanesville property in Ohio.  Zanesville is on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio.  Some of the animals include African lions, grizzly bears, wolves, chimpanzees, and an orangutan!   Local police are using their rifles to go on a local Safari hunt but some of the predators remain at large.

An odd coincidence at the Zanesfield Petanque Club courts, also in the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, as new members include, Yogi, a grizzly bear and expert pointer; and Boo-Boo, an Orangutan and experienced shooter.  The new members will be representing the Zanesfield Petanque Club at the next petanque tournament in Amelia Island, Florida.

Fred Maintains his Top Position at the Detroit Petanque Club

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Strong Games Played - Now at Campus Martius Park

As the October winds arrive, we've moved across the street to a more sheltered (and sunnier) Campus Martius Park for our boule games.  Monday's game was pretty exciting with lots of boule-for-boule exchanges on the piste.  Sam and Maury were holding their own against Abu and Fred - while I was sneaking in a boule now and then.  At 13/12 - you could tell everyone played their hardest.  Thanks to all who attended.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fred K. Tops the Club Standings

In the first game today, Fred K. (teamed up with Maury B. & Jeff W.) kicked butt with a 13 to 1 victory over Team Pat A.; Tim C.; and Abu M.   The wide point spread was sufficient to knock Pat A. into second position, leaving the other players stunned and in awe of Fred's new accomplishment.  I was proud to be on the winning team today, as we laid in point after glorious point, leaving Team-Pat to watch our steady ascent.

The second game almost had a reversal, with a revenge match giving Pat's team a 6 point to zero lead.  But we caught up and tied our opponents, and agreed (due to time constraints) to play a final round, with the winning team at 13 and the losers at 12.  We ended up in a strong position, with the cochonnet at 11 meters and protected - but Pat's shot found a hole and knocked the cochonnet to 15 meters - and kept the point for the win.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Double Losses Plague Team-Pat

Monday's games brought Team-Pat together with Tim C. and Eric C. re-joining the weekday gaming.  What was initially thought to be a "power-team" turned into quite a fight for survival as Team-Fred & Jeff piled on the points with control of the cochonnet and Fred anchoring in the points while Jeff slammed away any offending boules from the mix.  Will Pat (who is only marginally above Fred's score) maintain his top position?  Today might very well be the day when Pat is toppled.  Come out and see (or DO the toppling!)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Players Becoming Scarce at Detroit Petanque Club

Lately I've noticed a distinct lack of participation in our weekday games.  I realize that folks are busy (thank goodness they're working) but if you do like playing the game, please come down to the courts before the season ends.  When winter hits I may do some campaigning at Quicken to drum up some interest.  After all, they do have nearly 4,000 employees - some might be interested in playing a cool, trash-talking French game right at their doorstep - without any cost!   Anyhow, we've been moving our playing to different sections of gravel at Cadillac Square Park - which does change up the game play somewhat.  Nothing like a fresh, deep puddle of gravel to increase the level of difficulty.

Monday, October 03, 2011

a couple of Carreau, a few 5 point rounds... neat!

The petanque carreau (kah-row) is a neat little trick shot that happens along once in a while.  The shooter throws his boule (A) at the target boule (B) and A replaces B neatly such that you see one boule "magically" replace the position of the other boule (which is "kicked" out of the way).  Here's a video of one in action: CARREAU (not "exactly" a tir au fer (shooting iron to iron) carreau - but you see the action).

This afternoon's games (2) of Jeff/Abu vs. Pat/Maury were fun.  We had two rounds where each team lucked out 5 points - but with a couple of lucky shots (a tir-au-fer and a carreau) we took both wins (Jeff/Abu).  Satisfying.  Pat has promised to seek a revenge match on Tuesday.