Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spring Time MPC Players Coming Out!

The games were very technical today! There was much concentration, lots of measurements, lots of team discussions on strategy. I had a great time! ...not to mention seeing our friends from Canada for the first time this year, Roland and Gerard, nice to see them back! (But the winter down-time hasn't seemed to affect there play!, Rats!)

Lindsey & Joe take Top Place, Sharon & Deric take 2nd

Spring Boule Petanque Tournament at Campus Martius Park

...........It was perfect weather and an ideal location for the season opener tournament for the clubs. We played doublettes with each team playing the other teams - and the top two teams playing in a final.

While the registered teams were in the tournament, Jeff introduced petanque to new players l ike Alice, Bill (from Florida); and Andy.

Latecomers, TonyT, Mike, James & Cheryl also played in the side-games. Everyone had a great Saturday.

Boules to You!

I *have* to introduce to you one of my newest fun petanque friends, Cam Calder! Just by looking at him and his car you can tell that he's all about good times and fun petanque! He is the biggest boule supplier in New Zealand, and his company is called "Boules to You"! I'm hopefully going to get a set of some beautiful boules, the VMS "tour de force". I may not ever even use them, I'll just look at them they're so nice! Visit his website and maybe order your own VMS's, but do it quick, only 9 sets left!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Preservation Wayne Petanquers

The PW Petanquers
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The Preservation Wayne crew playing Petanque at the new location for starting our Downtown Tours this summer, Campus Martius.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Petanque in West Michigan starts

The TV was forecasting rain on the west coast of Michigan, but Saturday ended up being sunny and goregous -- perfect weather for chucking some boules! We found a baseball diamond in Douglas for the inaugural meeting of the Lake Michigan Petanque Club (or whatever we end up calling ourselves).

We had an odd number of people and not enough boules, but we made do with what we had. After a few games, we returned to one member's house for some pastis.

Here are some images:

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saturday at Campus Martius Park

Team Joe/James and Benoitte really trounced Team Jeff/Calvin/Clifford - giving us a gift of 4 points in one round so we wouldn't be completely embarassed!

Gene Shows Particularly Fine Diplomacy in both Teaching & Playing Petanque

Preservation Wayne Group Stops By

Blandine (center, white shirt) and her husband Mark (far right) run tour groups for Preservation Wayne, a group dedicated to preserving Detroit's architectual heritage. Her group today had a lot of fun trying petanque as we did too sharing the game with them. We look forward to seeing her and her groups again this summer!

A Great Player Visits from France

Benoitte (left) is here in the U.S. studying for business, but will soon return home to Southern France... He played very well, and I'm giving him complimentary membership to MPC (although Jeff's trying to induct him into DPC first!) Jeff & I welcome him to always stop by either club to play, he could teach us both a few things I think!

Good Food to Regain our Strength!

After a great summer day of play at Campus, Lindsey, Joe, Cheryl, James, and Kevin decide to try something different for dinner per James' suggestion. We went to Katmandu in Royal Oak. They specialize in food from Nepal! Just remember to check your shoes at the door; but don't worry, they provide comfy pillows for the seating, and the food was great!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Australia Petanque Nationals in Hanging Rock

Originally uploaded by RobbieTV.
RobbieTV has posted some nice photos taken at the Hanging Rock, Australian Nationals at this Flickr location.

Perhaps our club should make a road-trip out there. How long is the drive?

German Boules Wear Sunglasses

Originally uploaded by Baptiste*.
One of my FLICKR (online photo manager) contacts, Baptiste*, plays petanque frequently and posts a diverse selection of boule photos on his site.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Two Dozen Cochons in an Easy to Carry Case

12/13 VERY close Friday Game!

Today we played with new member, Clifford, who told us he was very much into games and sports. His expertise on the piste really show as he pointed in some difficult boules. Freeman returned to the club to do battle - teaming up with Renee and Clifford against Jeff and Lewis - with a remarkable come-from behind 2-12 bringing matters to a nail-biting finish with 12/12 - the 13th point going to Jeff/Lewis.

Thursday's Petanque Games - VERY COMPETITIVE

Jeff was teamed up with Renee and Myron against Gene, Sharon and Alpha. The score was 1 point back-and-forth but finally landed at 11/11 with numberous close boules placed by Myron. The score then matured to 12/12 with next point to win. That point won by pushing in our own boule (with the opposition 1/2 inch away....)

Ended with 13/12 victory for Team Jeff/Renee/Myron

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hello from Chicago

Greetings from the Chicago Petanque Club.

We are a small, but rapidly growing, group of petanque lovers starting our first spring season here in the Windy City. We're excited to know that we are now a member of a larger group...The Midwest Petanque Alliance.

We are looking forward to getting to know all of you and getting together sometime this summer to "high lob" a few.

In the meantime, if you happen to be coming to Chicago some weekend, be sure to let us know when...and bring your boules. You will always be welcomed.

Dan Danielson
Chicago Petanque Club

Where We First Saw Petanque Played

(CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE) when I was walking around in Paris, and exploring the Jardin du Luxembourg - I saw groups of petanque players in the park square. Returning home, I acquired a set of boules and by Chance (pun-intended) met up with Joe Z. who also discovered petanque while in Paris. The sport binds the community together there, and it is our hope it does the same in Michigan.

Alpha Returns to the Club

The last time Alpha played with the Detroit Petanque Club, we were down at the GM Promenade along the Detroit river. So it was nice to have him re-join us today (and in the future). One thing is for certain, though he hasn't played all winter, his boule throws are excellent. He was laying in close points, shooting away boules, and working with the proper strategy. He'll be a tremendous asset to the club. Welcome back Alpha!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

We Almost Played with Eggs, but decided to eat them after...

Lindsey and Mike took down the prez (Joe) and Mike's wife Cathy during some Easter-time boule play.

Lindsey's little 71 mm, well-placed boules gave Joe (the shooter for his team) much trouble. Cathy was very supportive as Joe threw boule after boule, but victory was not to be! Joe & Cathy went down 2-1.

Maybe it was Joe's need for some Easter dinner that rushed his throwing... [I think I'll stick with that excuse...]

Allan M. took some Exceptional Photos on Saturday