Thursday, April 30, 2009

Midwest Petanque Doublettes Tournament - Chicago

[from an e-mail fron Dan Danielson, President of the Chicago Petanque Club]:

Join the fun, take on the challenge of the fourth annual MIDWEST PETANQUE DOUBLETTES TOURNAMENT on Saturday, June 20th, 2009.

Tournament terrain will be located on Chicago's beautiful lakefront in Grant Park.
See the Chicago Petanque Club website for more information.

Always a great time.


Make your reservations today. EMAIL DAN DANIELSON

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Steampunked Fanny at Cadillac Square

The Fanny in petanque is when one team skunks the other team - in this case, Pat / Tim C./ Aaron beat Tim W. / Jeff W. and Kevin 13 to Zero. I know... terrible. The tradition of the petanque fanny (in France) is that the losing team has to then kiss the bare asses of the winning team. We don't subscribe to those French rules in Detroit (it might get us arrested!)

The second game went better for us, with Brandon joining our team for a 13/8 victory.

NOTE: Aaron, Renaissance man that he is sported his authentic steampunk look on the piste today. Steampunk is a design/style which combines Victorian romantic times with contemporary technology. Think Jules Verne's Nautilus Submarine.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Frozen Hands But Still a Victory for Pat; Tim W. and Jeff C.

The brutal winds whipped across Cadillac Square, threatening to cause Pat to run off the piste at any moment. But the delights of close competition kept everyone concentrated. My partner, Brian, was pointing marvelously as we slowly ascended towards our goal of matching (and possibly besting) Pat; Tim W. and Jeff C.'s 12 points. Round after round, we either gained a point, or knocked the cochonnet off the piste. Eventually, however, Pat's team gained it's final 13th point.

I'm very enthusiastic about the progress and determination of our newest players. Jeff C.; Brian G. and Tim W. were all out in the midst of freezing rain to play boule.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Windy Day in the Park

The club is really getting some nice and consistent playing. That's great news. Also good that a new supply of boules is coming in from Philippe (of Petanque-America) for the lessons coming up - and the expectation of 3 or 4 games going on at once at Cadillac Square. I want to thank everyone for playing nicely together - and really showing what city life is all about - cooperative social play. Brian G. has been laying in some really nice close points. Raphael was impressed as this is usually his forte. Aaron re-joined us - he just graduated from University of Michigan - Congrats Aaron!

See ya'll tomorrow!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bocce Shared the Courts with Petanque Today

Today's games were quite fun. We could almost run three doublettes, and shall do so next week I'm sure. Bascially, when we start up the team selections, we pull out all of the shooters and distribute them evenly, then these team captains select their pointing partners. Keep in mind, an experienced played linked with a relatively inexperienced player makes the game more fun as your skills are required even more against a tougher opponent. At the same time the new players are getting a good lesson from their partner and the opposition.

Maury is in New York next week, and he'll try out the La Boule Newyorkaise pistes in Bryant Park. Have fun Maury!

What a beautiful warm Friday it was... with warm breezes, it was almost tropical. VIDEO

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anne Joins the Petanque Club in Detroit

Today's games were joined by new player, Anne C. who has petanqued before, but swears she isn't a high-stakes petanque ringer. We played two doublettes, with my team (Jeff/Anne) doing rather well initially against Hal & Tim. Then we were joined by Abu. The tide changed somewhat (nothing to do with Abu!) and before we knew it, it was 10/5 Hal/Tim - they went in for the kill with a 3-boule to 13/5 victory. Over on Court-2; Pat was teamed up with Mikey-D. who squashed Kevin and Tim W. in a 13/5 slaughter. What really clinched it was the 5-boule points Pat's team wwon by knocking out the cochonnet. But in the second game, Kevin and Tim W. got their revenge, with a 13/11 win (7 point conversion to 13).

All in all, a nice day for boule.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bright Skies at Cadillac Square Park

Today's games were played beneath bright skies: VIDEO

Fox 2 New's Bill Gallagher stopped by to watch us play. He may do a local interest piece on us in the near future.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Petanque Game Halted On Account of Hail

The game began sunny - Jeff; Raphael; Pat verses Kevin; and the two Tims (Tim W. and Tim C.).

We were having a good ole time, but the dark clouds were fast approaching.

The score was up to 2 vs. 2; we talked about perhaps playing until 7 points - but we didn't even get there as the bits of hail came pelting down upon us.

Needless to say - Game Over! No Score!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Tale of the Two Tims

Hal D. joined us today, as did Tim W. - both playing for team Kevin and Tim C. while my team consisted of Abu, Pat and Raphael.

Tim W. is a fast learner, laying in great points and shots (!) on his first game.

We swept with a 13/2 victory... But we just couldn't hold them down and our opponents came through with their own 13/8 win.

The Campus Martius grounds may be a little too busy during the lunch hours so we'll probably be playing regularly on (as Pat prefers) the Cadillac Square pistes.

As you can see in the ranking chart, we've already had 25 games for the season, and it is only April ! Pat leads the pack, with im C. close behind. Next is Maury and then Kevin - a clear Honigman lock on the sport in Detroit. Once a player has 10 games under their belt, they'll be mixed into the top tier rankings.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Double Games today - Mikey's Back

In the first game, it looked bad for Team Honigman (Pat/Tim/Kevin) who trailed Abu/Jeff/Mike the entire game, resulting in a 13/4 win for Jeff's team. Some time left, we played a 7-point game (same teams) - with our team taking another lead, 3 to zero. But then the opposition caught up, passed us at 4 to 3, and then Kevin shot out the cochonnet from 20 meters for the win 7/3 (13/9).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another "Cold Day" Slaughterfest

Pat and Kevin were determined to beat us today, and they even had the support of top player, James H. but victory was just not to be... as Hitesh, Maury, Jeff, and Tim rocketed to a 13/3 win.

The opposition's whole game was in pieces. Pointings were wandering way off their marks, there was no shooting whatsoever that connected, and add to this that we were playing on one of the trickier stretches of petaque piste in the park. It was just a no win situation.

Monday, April 13, 2009

COLD = Achille's Heel for Kevin and Pat

It took a while, but we finally cracked the code to Kevin & Pat's downfall (not that it will matter much with the warm weather approaching)... COLD.

It was just cold enough to keep Kevin & Pat off their A-game, leaving Maury, Jeff & Tim to sweep in an easy victory 13/4

There were some rounds when it seemed the opposition would have done better using their feet rather than their hands!

But, I'm sure their Achille's Heel won't last for long, not with warmer weather setting in.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Maury Saves the Day with a Crucial Pointing

Game one brought Abu (Don't Shoot Point), Rob (Rock'n Rob) and Tim (Peppers) verses Jeff, Kevin, and David (new player) with David putting in some nice points for a new guy. We won 13 to 4.

Game two brought Abu, Jeff and Rob against Kevin, David and Maury. Maury didn't show up until the end, but he was essential for their victory as the score was 8 to 4 (9 point game) and they were behind. My team was sitting with two boules closest to the cochonnet (we were out of boules) and Kevin wasn't able to shoot us away, but Maury laid in a point, taking away our victory and leaving their team in the game 8 to 5. Then in the last round, still 8 to 5, my team held the 9th point on our last boule, but Kevin was able to knock the cochonnet off the piste, giving his team 4 points (Article 13 of the Petanque Rules) 1 point for each of the 4 boules not yet played by his team. Well done!

Brandon Joins in on the Carnage at Campus Martius

April Fool's Day and we had a nice triplette going. Pat and I wanted to re-challenge Kevin, Tim, and Maury - so we began to torment the opposition, getting anice lead. Then Brandon came by and joined up with Pat and me. We beat them 13 to 10 ! Brandon was pointing in very close - and Pat's shooting went smooth as silk. Even my own pointing was pretty decent.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Double Win for Kevin's Team - a close one at the end

Still a little nippy out, but we played anyhow. two games. The first had me and Maury against Tim, Pat, and Kevin - with a 6/13 upset. We were playing on an alternate piste on Campus Martius - untested ground.

The second game (played to 7 points) - was me and Pat against Maury, Kevin, and Tim.

That game was a runaway for Maury's team, until Pat and I came back to lead at 6 to 5. But then the final boule was rolled (Maury's) - giving them a 7/6 (13/12) victory.