Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Michigan Petanque Club Announces Sports Event Director

Michigan Petanque Club Announces Sports Event Director

Cyrille Didierjean, of the famous Didierjean family, has been asked to be the club's Sports Event Director.

Cyrille, as we all know, is a dedicated club member and experienced petanque player. He will coordinate the club's tournaments and help to set up the method and scoring guidelines under which these tournaments will run.

"I know it is difficult for one or two people to juggle all of the many tasks that our club demands," comments Jeff Widen (club VP), "and with various members using their skills and knowledge to help coordinate different parts of the clubs operations, we'll all benefit."

There are many different ways to run a tournament. Swiss; Norfolk; Elimination; Winner/Loser Trees -- now we can establish a club accepted method which will be both clear and fair.

If any of our members would like to offer some advice on tournament operations, please speak with Cyrille, Joe or Jeff.

Michigan Petanque Club - Sunday's Tournament Results

Michel, Marie (a new visitor), and Jim won first place with 3 wins (and only 18 points given up); Running a very close second was Gregory, Anita, and Gerard with 3 wins (and only 23 points given up).

Joe reported to me about a few improvements that we can make regarding our future tournaments:

1) Establishment of the tournament under unanimously accepted guidelines.

2) Posting of the number of games to be played, as well as how the scoring is to be performed.

3) Posting scoreboards at each terrain to allow everyone to know the progression of the game.

We are in the works to have a club Sports Event Director assigned to organize all of our future tournaments. This will create a clear, fair, and accepted format for all. Also, we will be constructing enough scoreboards for all games being played (Jeff will make some more of those "cochonnet-style boards").

I hope everyone had a pretty good time on Sunday. We're sorry if you felt things didn't run smoothly. We always try to do our very best to ensure people have fun and things run fairly.

10th World Junior Petanque Championship - Team U.S.A.

10th World Junior Petanque Championship - Team U.S.A.

In Montreal, on July 21st through 24th - the 10th World Junior Petanque Championship will be held.

And attending this year's competition is the F.P.U.S.A. team: Patrick and sister Olivia (both from Sonoma, California) standing with Jessie and Alex (Sarasota, Florida).

Joe Zajac was able to watch Alex play while he was down in Florida for the National Doubles event. Joe was very impressed with Alex's shooting, as I was after viewing the video footage taken during the tournament.

Go Go Go Team-USA!

Winners of the National Singles

Winners of the National Singles

Gilbert Salomon, President of the Sarasota Club, hosted the National Singles tournament down in Sarasota, Florida held this past Sunday (May 29).

We see him standing next to the winners: [back row] Gilles Canesse (1st Place); Pierre (2nd Place); John Rolland (3rd Place); and Kevin Nault (4th Place); [front row] Pierette (1st Place); Dominique (2nd Place); Jackie (3rd Place); and Sue (4th Place).

Congratulations to the winners, and all who participated.

Monday, May 30, 2005

New Colors and Designs

New Colors and Designs

This baby-blue ladies top is one of the many new MPC and DPC logo shirts, sweatshirts, and other tops at our merchandise page.

Why not take a look?


Denise Widen Joins the Craziness that is Petanque

Denise Widen Joins the Craziness that is Petanque

Dazzled by the quaint setting of the Detroit Petanque Club, Denise Widen decided to join us for the afternoon and played on the Presidential team against VP Don and new member Dave.

Meet the Detroit Petanque Club's Newest Member

Meet the Detroit Petanque Club's Newest Member

Dave Elwart - he's 87 years old and points very well indeed. I played three games against him and he captured the point sufficient times to make me "sweat a little"

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Joe and Star Pupil Remain Afterward to Continue Practicing

Joe and his pupil, Jaciel. They remained after the event to practice on pointing and shooting throws. It looks like Jaciel (only 11 years old) will be World Champion material in a short time. Posted by Hello

Petanque is good fun for the whole family

Meet Thierry and Dawn, parents to Lukas (left) and Stefan. They played a full day of petanque at the Heritage festival. Thierry is in the midst of his own backyard petanque piste.

We can't wait to play there!

I bet his whole family will benefit by becoming expert pointers and shooters. Posted by Hello

Meet Jaciel - he's only 11 but plays like a pro

Jaciel, only 11 years old, has a very neat pointing throw. Very accurate too! Posted by Hello

We Welcome the Entire Family

Stefan (foreground); Thierry; Maude; Dawn; Lukas (kneeling); Joe; Jaciel; and Eric playing in the final game of the day. The Michigan Petanque Club invites all couples and thier children to play at their terrain in Royal Oak (Sundays at 1:00pm). Posted by Hello

The Storm that Never Came

Though the sky at times seems foreboding - no rain arrived and game play was uninterrupted. The club played about 6 or 7 full games - (starting at around 2:35 pm after the vintage baseball game ended). Posted by Hello

Jaciel Shows Us His Method

Jaciel points with his unique style of throwing while his teacher, Joe Zajac, proudly looks on. The whole club is enthusiastic about the new infusion of young members. "It keep Petanque alive," exclaimed Joe excitedly. Posted by Hello

Didierjean Brothers Team Up

Cyrille and Gregory teamed up with Jaciel to ALMOST win their game ... Maude, Sue and Jeff were the final victors. Posted by Hello

Dan Kneels to Point

Rare Shot of Dan kneeling for a close pointing. Posted by Hello

Dan shows off his $500 Sunglasses

Dan wore his expensive sunglasses for today's sunny event. Posted by Hello

Hey - Let's Meet at Lipuma's

Before the event, Larry and Sue were eating nearby in downtown Rochester and spotted Jeff and Joe at Lipuma's getting coney dogs... Posted by Hello

Dave Jonker

Dave Jonker points his boule as Joe and Dan look on. It was nice to see many of our members sporting the club's t-shirt. By the way, you can obtain a t-shirt and other MPC regalia at the Merchandise page off our website. Posted by Hello

Jaciel - 100% Petanque Player

Jaciel, loyal member of the Michigan Petanque Club, faithfully guarded the MPC Banner. Posted by Hello

Stefan - Petanque Pointing Expert

Stefan points with great success as Jaciel looks on. We all had a pretty competitive last game of the day - with the leading score bouncing from one team to the other. Posted by Hello

Petanque is Social Fun Too !

Jeanette, always immaculately dressed, chats with Cathy and Joe. Jaciel listens in, picking up Petanque gossip. Posted by Hello

Let the Sorting of the Teams Commence

Sue helps in the team sorting for the Heritage Festival event. Posted by Hello


Saturday's Heritage Festival began with the coordinated efforts of the Michigan Petanque Club setting up the terrain for the event. As the stringed template (thanks Joe) was put into place, each of the "corners" (Cyrille; Gregory; Thierry; Jeff) would yell out "NAIL" and Jaciel would run and drop one off, and then "HAMMER" and Joe would slam the nail into the ground. Then Larry would wrap string for the new piste. Posted by Hello


Six Hotdogs Later... President, Joe Zajac was on hot pursuit of some Rolaids! Lipuma's is a very popular Coney Island in downtown Rochester. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Where Are Our Blog Readers From?

Where Are Our Blog Readers?

Joe and Jeff were wondering: from where (county, state etc) our BLOG
readers came...

If you could be so kind as to send us off an e-mail simply
telling us what country, state, city you're from, we'd appreciate it.

Please send your e-mails to: info@michiganpetanque.com

Thank you very much. We're just very curious.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Jaciel shows plenty of potential as newest MPC member

Jarceil shows plenty of potential as newest MPC member

After playing puddle petanque in Royal Oak, Joe took a 7 minute nap and then went out to train with Jaciel, his 12-year old Rochester neighbor who recently took up an interest in petanque after watching Joe play in the neighborhood park.

Joe thinks, in time, Jaciel will be giving Roland, Cyrille, and Danny (and the rest of the club) a run for their money because Jaciel (pronounced: wha-see-elle) has excellent pointing skills and is already practicing his shooting.

We should see our youngest Michigan Petanque Club member at the Heritage Festival next weekend.



Super-Boule a/k/a Hobo-Joe used his superpowers to shoot and point almost flawlessly. His cape also kept the majority of the rain off of his shoulders. Who can outpoint and outshoot Super-Boule? We shall see....

Thierry Proves He's Piste-worthy

Thierry Proves He's Piste-worthy

Thierry's jacket is sopping wet, but he played as if it were the finest Summer day. Perhaps we should create a sub-set of the M.P.C. - called, the WetBoules.

Thierry is hard at work on his new Petanque terrain in his backyard. He's actually doing most of the work by-hand! I'm sure he could use one of Joe's backhoes... (give Joe a call Thierry...) And of course we're all looking forward to the "opening day" for the Le Pichouron Piste sometime soon...

Rubber Ducky Takes the Field

Rubber Ducky Takes the Field

Joyce, one of the die-hards who decided to play in the driving rain, looks particularly duck-like in her bright-yellow rain-vest. A new nickname? Perhaps.

Jeanette tries rolling through the mud

Jeanette tries rolling through the mud

Jeanette has perfected her roulette pointing, but how does it fare through the mud? Just as expertly!

Mother Nature Keeps Us Under The Trees

Mother Nature Keeps Us Under The Trees

Camille decided to wait a half-hour to see if the rain would let up. It didn't, not until around 4pm.

Super Eric Keeps Dry Beneath the Trees

Super Eric Keeps Dry Beneath the Trees

Some people use raincoats, others use umbrellas, Eric has his own fashion sense! Gregory just graduated AND already has a job! Good going! We'll see you all next week - hopefully it will be a dry day!

Umbrella Dan

Umbrella Dan

Never one to give up on the possibility of playing Petanque, Dan holds his umbrella aloft while shooting. "It affects the balance somewhat," Dan remarked, "but it's better than getting soaked."

Larry and Sue Visit the Petanque Pond

Larry and Sue Visit the Petanque Pond

Larry and Sue also came out tothe terrain, despite the weather, to see what was going on. Romain (at right) looked like he was fishing, using his boule-magnet in the puddles.