Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Playing tricks on MPC Mascot

He can't even sleep without worry's... Sorry... I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Boule Cloutee - Fishscale Design

Just recently acquired from the South of France. This antique boule cloutee was made with the hard burl of a tree, cut into a sphere shape, and then nails were carefully hammered into it's surface in a spiral pattern (with a copper type nail spelling out the owner's initial"I")

The size: about 100 mm and about 850 grams

a fantastic piece of petanque history

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lessons for All...

While the experienced players did their triplettes on Courts 1 and 2, on Court 3, Cheryl gave Petanque Lessons to some new guests...

Super Hot Day on Saturday - bring out the Dr. Pepper

As the heat just piled on (it was 85 degrees) - members resorted to dipping their heads into the fountain (Jeff) drinking down endless giant cups of water from Au Bon Pain - and then, the free samples of pop from the Dr. Pepper trucks rolled in...

Wade, Scott, Allan & Jeffrey Compete to Closest Pointing

Saturday, May 27, 2006

VOM Pétanque hosting national championships; Valley women sweep; winter champs

5.26.06 -- The top pétanque players in the United States will be coming to Sonoma to compete in the National Championship Tournament, with the winner representing the USA in the World Pétanque Championships, slated for September in Grenoble, France.

On Saturday and Sunday, June 3 and 4, the Valley of the Moon Pétanque Club will host players from New York, Florida, Southern California, Oregon and the Bay Area competing for the national title at the Henri Maysonnave Memorial Courts in Sonoma's Depot Park. The public is invited to watch all the top-level action.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Brasserie Petanque in Buenos Aires

Look at this authentic French Brasserie in the heart of Buenos Aires! It is the biggest brasserie in South America, with Executive chef Sebastian Fouillade and a staff of 20 are serving the finest brasserie menu... boeuf bourguignon, escargots, steak tartare, onion soup, moules frites, crepes suzette or creme brulee... and don't miss the profiteroles!

Petanque decorations are all over this place, from petanque tiles, items on their menu in boule-shapes, to life-size bronze petanque players mounted high-up on the walls on either side of the bar, to various petanque posters and other regalia.

This is a definite stopover if you're ever in Argentina!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday is Boule-Tastic!

The club was join by new bouler (and practiced bowler) Johnny who (after a few rounds) was pointing extremely well.

Then Muhammed showed up and entered the mix, using his energetic pointing moves with great success.

The day, however, was won by TonyT, Sharon & Gene - who, with experience, pulled ahead 13/8

Monday, May 22, 2006

Motor City Petanque Society Looking for Recruits

The Motor City Petanque Society is gearing up for member recruitment. This coming Saturday (May 27th) Gene will be asking people to sign up for his club at Campus Martius Park.

Monday - Lunchtime - Noon to 1pm - Campus Martius Park

Summer season for MPC starts to take Shape!

It's beginning to look like the club play is officially back in action at the MPC piste... as is the boule sorting! It was great to see old friends with smiles, along with a few more new ones too! The courts are sure to be busy this year...

Is 60 Degrees Too Cold?

Apparently its much warmer than I thought in Florida during the winter! The cold winter wear came out of the closet while our good friends, Michele and Jeanette visited our piste after returning to the "cold" of the Michigan spring... (P.S. I think I'm headed South with them next year!)

This Could've Been Ours!

After a visit to an auction at Four Bears Water Park, I had to walk away without purchasing the perfect 120' x 450' Boulodrome for next winter... It turns out that I was $35,000 short! :-(

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Petanque is for All Ages!

Jack and his Grandmother were about to go to a movie when they spotted the club playing in the park. Jack was very interested in trying out the sport and we gave him a preliminary practice session (throwing boules, shooting boules, rolling to the cochon - he did VERY well) before having a full 13-point petanque game (Jack & Jeff vs. Dan (throwing left-handed)).

Jack really held his own, knowing all of the rules, hitting the opposition's boule a number of times, and pointing very closely. He is going to show his Grandpa and his Dad the game, and no doubt soon they'll all return to play with the club.

Running a Petanque Club is a Balancing Act

One of the many things Joe Z. and I try to do is minimize the number of arguments (and potential arguments) possible on the petanque piste.

Usually, an argument falls into the "nobody kept accurate score so now there's question as to who has what" or the "my boule is closest" without bothering to measure...

That's why a club president must ALWAYS be prepared with a ruler, a knowledge of the FPUSA Rules, and some sort of scorekeeper (or scoreboard).

Avoiding arguments is the best method for club longevity.

Picnics, Cochons Played in the Street, Cowboys...

Alongside the petanque pistes at Campus Martius Park are sumptuous green lawns - perfect for pincnics, and even bocce (if anyone knows what that is... it's Italian Petanque).

When Dan struck the cochon out on to busy Woodward Avenue - Joe decided it was still in play. He got the point - and almost got nailed by a MACK too.

Alex and Brian Stop By to Boule

Muhammed Joins the Club

Having only just recently meeting Muhammed by chance during one of our lunchtime petanque matches, I learned that he was playing petanque about 6 years ago!

And his pointing skills are really reflected in his excellent game play.

Lots of Fun on Saturday at Campus Martius Park

The sun was out for the whole day, warming up the piste to about 65 degrees. Everyone was out at C-Mart, playing boule and socializing.