Friday, January 26, 2007

"Anger Management" is ready for business!

Our great freinds, Juan, Mario, Loi, Freddie, Gile and guests are all set for the tournament next weekend in "House #1", but I can't contain my excitement about "House #2" dubbed "Anger Management" by the owners. Me and some MPC members, and some fellow petanquers from Canada will be more than comfortable here in our home-away-from-the-piste, and we'd like to invite anyone whose interested, to stop by for some Apres Petanque activities any time during the weekend...

"Anger Management" features include a 2 minute walk to the beach, a private backyard with pool and hot tub (pool toys!), mountain bikes, large screen TV, and foosball table! It should be a great time, and all of us are looking forward to it, and we hope that any fellow petanquers will stop by to join us! See you then!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Rocket City Petanque Club - Huntsville, Alabama

Ken Chance, having moved down to Alabama from Michigan, has started up the Rocket City Petanque Club.

Anyone who has dared to play against Ken knows that he is a determined player - and deadly shooter.

Next time you're down South, stop by his club and test out their rockets.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Call Joe Zajac for Seaside Petanque Event - He's Renting a House

Kiss the Pig Societe's Florida Cup is on for February 3rd & 4th in Seaside, Florida. If you're still looking for accomodations, or are trying to decide whether or not to attend, consider this... Joe Zajac of the Michigan Petanque Club is renting a whole house and splitting up the costs (which works out to approximately $15 per person per night (!!!). contact Joe Zajac for details (248) 935-4877

Monday, January 01, 2007

Winter 2007 is Mini-Boule time!

The Michigan and Detroit Petanque Clubs are organizing the first Mini-Boule tournament for 2007. We'll keep you informed of the details as we decide upon them.

Joe & Jeff