Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tight Boule Game Makes for Fun Filled Afternoon

Today we had a well matched group: Fred/Abu/Sam vs. Nick/Sharon/Jeff. The rounds were exceptional, with each point taken back by the opposing team numerous times. Nick & Sharon were essential for dropping in their points. Our opposition was fierce but we had some good fortune on squeezing in close boules and quite a few ricochet pointings.

I had a lucky shot removing a 9 meter opposing boule in a tight grouping. That is where the plombe comes in handy, it allows you "access" where otherwise a straight "cannon ball" shooting wouldn't work.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Close Matches - Well Play All Around

Fred flipped to Pat's team, and he was playing so great the other day that I kne wI would be in trouble against his pointing. Maury proved to be his usual close-pointer and joined by Eric, we held our own to the tough competition. Where the competition was getting points here and there, we were making nice strides 2-3 points at a time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sharon H. Returns to the Petanque Pistes

After a nearly year long sabbatical, Sharon H., long-time played for the club, returned to the Cadillac Square Courts. From the very first boule she was out-pointing every other player. "Prego - it's in there!" she exclaimed as yet another opening boule rolled to within a couple of inches of the cochonnet. We (Pat/ Jeff/ Sharon) won that game: 13/2 due to her excellent pointing. Another longtime player, Eric C. ambled over to watch the second game. He'll be starting up again as the weather becomes more comfortable.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Early May Stats

The playing conditions have recently improved with the warming of the season. We're still playing doublettes but I expect multi-triplette games going soon once the weather ascends into the 60's.

A recent carreau heightened my spirits - a rare result of a throw of one boule which replaces the target boule perfectly. Must be on account of the soft, raked gravel.