Friday, May 31, 2013

Team Pat Wipes Out - Again! Team Tim Unbeatable!

 13  Jeff  Nick  Tim  Alpha
2  Pat  Candice  Abu  Fred
13 (7)  Pat  Nick  Fred
10 (4)  Jeff  Alpha  Candice  Tim

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Petanque Going Full Force at Cadillac Square Park

13  Nick  Fred  Jeff
7  Pat  Tim  Abu

Tuesday's game was a real strong one for Team Nick/Fred/Jeff - we put Team Pat/Tim/Abu away with masterful pointing and shooting.  Pat demanded a re-match for today (Wednesday) - so we'll see.

13  Nick  Fred
10  Jeff  Deric  Candice
13  Pat  Maury  Tim
4  Jeff  Abu  Fred
13  Tim  Jeff  Candice
6  Pat  Maury
13  Pat  Maury
10  Tim  Jeff  Candice
13  Jeff  Abu
5  Nick  Fred

Monday, May 20, 2013

Friday's Game

 13  Candice  Jeff  Nick
7  Pat  Tim  Maury

Friday, May 17, 2013

Lots of Music, Buzz's Dog Marley, and Pat Returns to Playing

Marley is the Club's Official Mascot
  We had some music in the park.  LINK:  MUSIC DOGS and the RETURN OF PAT
 13  Abu  Maury
6  Jeff  Pat  Tim

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Time at the Detroit Petanque Club - Now with Food Vendors!

Campus Martius Park and Cadillac Square Park will be having  (starting June 10th) food vendors in some of the spaces at Cadillac Square Park during the week, and on Fridays, also have Market vendors.  This is good news, lots of foot traffic, more players to watch and participate.  Food...   And I just heard from Mr. Gregory (Head of the Detroit 300 Conservancy) that they will make sure that our club has the space to continue to play and enjoy the space.  So, no worries, lets have fun!

13  Alpha  Jeff  Abu
7  Nick  Fred  Deric
13  Fred  Nick
10  Deric  Jeff  Alpha
13  Jeff  Alpha  Candice
7  Abu  Fred  Alix
13  Jeff  Deric  Abu
9  Fred  Alpha
13   Jeff  Alpha
5  Nick  Fred
13   Nick  Fred
11  Jeff  Alpha

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Candice Tries out Petanque

Candice was rolling by (on her scooter) when she thoughtfully stopped by our in-progress game to check it out.  As we normally do, we bring the interested right into the game (after a couple of try-out throws).  Candice was really good, and she called her mother over to watch as we played the first, then another game.  True, we didn't win, but we held our own at 5 points - not too shabby when playing against seasoned players (Abu, Fred, Deric). 

 13  Abu  Fred
5  Alpha  Jeff  Candice
13  Abu  Fred  Deric
5  Alpha  Jeff  Candice

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Fanny for Tuesday

Fred and I succeeded in fannying Abu and Nick on Tuesday.  It happens.  I was just really shooting well, and Fred was pointing terrific.  The second game was hard fought with Abu and Nick taking the win (for the sake of time running out!)

13  Alpha Jeff
6  Fred Alix
13  Alpha  Jeff
1  Fred Alix
13  Fred Jeff
0  Abu  Nick
13  Abu  Nick
12  Fred  Jeff

Monday, May 06, 2013

Thursday - May 2nd's Games

13  Alpha  Sam  Tim  Jeff
4  Fred  Abu  Alix
13 (7) Alpha  Tim  Jeff
8 (2)  Fred  Sam  Alix 

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Buzz Returns to the Petanque Club - and he brought a friend

Buzz Crozier rejoined the Detroit Petanque Club, back from Florida with his 4-month French water dog, Marley, in tow

Marley is a Barbet - a French Water Dog - which is quite appropriate for our petanque club

 Not so pretty, Team Abu & Jeff crushed Team Tim & Alpha in both games:

13 Abu Jeff
3  Tim  Alpha

13  Abu Jeff
7   Time  Alpha

Each time Team Tim/Alpha made some headway, either we shot or outpointed them.  But that happens.  If Pat were around he would have coached.  Tomorrow is another day.

Another Good Day to Be in Detroit

Alix has really displayed an expertise in petanque pointing from day one

13  Alix  Alpha  Rel  Jeff
12  Tim  Maury  Sam

Tuesday we were joined by Sam (new Sam, not Old Sam - "Old Sam, where are you?") and Rel (who refused to be photographed on account of not wanted to attract his fans to the area and disturbing game play.  Team-Alix was well behind the more experienced Team-Tim, but the last round (where we sat on 7 points, they were on 9!) wins at 10 points...  we geared up and earned the 3 points for the victory.