Sunday, March 29, 2009

"8" Unlucky for our Adversary

I've heard from our French players that "8" is an unlucky number for the French. Friday's game proved this to be true as Pat/ Maury/ Kevin were stuck on 8 points as Tim/ Raphael/ Jeff steamed ahead to a 13/8 victory.

Today's team composition was pretty fair: Tim has become an excellent shooter - he's reliable for 80 percent of his shots. Then Raphael is the very stable pointer - with his signature "Raphael Push Pointing" to move the enemy positions aside. I've been pointing better than shooting lately - perhaps due to the extreme distances of the cochonnet laid down by Monsieur Binkow whose tennis-arm puts the cochonnet at 14 meters!

Maury's strengths are definitely in the pointing realm coupled with strategy - but he's pushed adversary boules out of the way more frequently these days. Pat - always good as a mileu (all-around player with a very strong "Pat the Rocket" shot, and a mindful pointing. Kevin, also a great pointer - but his teams rely upon his expert surgical shooting to win them points.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Look Who is Back on the Piste...

In a complete reversal from the other day where Pat's team came from behind an 8 point to zero standing to win ... Jeff/Tim/Abu were at the zero mark against the 8 point score of Pat/Maury/Mike (8 is an unlucky number for the French) to win 13 to 9.

The second game - played to 7 points didn't turn out as well... with Pat/Maury/Mike sweeping 7 to zip.

VIDEO from today.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pat and Maury Make an Amazing Comeback Win

Tim, Abu and Jeff were ahead 8 to zero against Pat and Maury in Tuesday's game. We were already thinking about how funny a 13/0 fanny would be for the blog.

But then, it happened: the penny.

Pat eyed a lucky penny on the court, mentioned how his luck has changed, and it truly did. Before we knew it, Pat and Maury were zooming ahead, even with us, then passing us (we were stuck on 8 points)... with eventually an 11 to 11 set-up.

The final boules thrown... Victory to Pat and Maury 13/11

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nailbiter of a game today in Michigan

Today's game was a real nail-biter (VIDEO).

Maury, Pat and Kevin exchanged boule for boule throughout today's game against Hitesh, Jeff and Tim. Tim was shooting like a superstar, even successfully eliminating two boules (front and back) with one shot. But in the end, the 13/11 victory went to Maury's team.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pat & Hitesh Sweep Friday with a Double Win

Pat & Hitesh won big time today, tormenting Jeff and Tim in both games: 13/4 and 13/12. The last game was a nail-biter, with a 1 point decider (to Pat & Hitesh).

On an interesting note, Hitesh mentioned today that Kevin's lousy shooting cost them both games on Thursday. "He is going to really need to practice before I'll partner up with him again" said H-man.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two Doublettes Today at Campus Martius Park

Today's games were a win/loss & loss/win for each team. I was fortunately (unfortunately for Kevin I guess) teamed up with Kevin and we lost 1/13 against Pat & Tim. But then my pointing came back somewhat, and Kevin's pointing was incredible, making a double-hit with one boule (the 2nd on a ricochet!) to give us a 13/10 (7 point game) victory.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Abu is Back!

Today's triplette: Pat, Jeff & Deric against Kevin, Tim & Abu. I pointed terrible today, every boule rolling too far left or right. Perhaps it was the surfase - fast hard and flat (sounds like a bad Porno). Pat was right on with his shooting - with hit after excellent hit - smacking away the competition. But alas, Kevin's team held in there and beat us 13 to 6 (brutal) It was great to see Abu back on the piste - we hadn't seen him since the season closed on 2008.

Kevin is temporarily knocked into second place as Abu's win rockets him to the top slot. As the average mellow out the rankings, I'm sure things will change. My own horrible ranking... will stick around for a while...

Another Honigman Sweep in Detroit

A warm-ish Monday, and Pat with the assistance of Kevin and Tim (switching in for Kevin) made a magnificent comeback from 8 to 1 to win it with 13/8 against Deric and Jeff. We heard from Pat that Mike is unde the weather - hopefully he'll heal up quickly so he can re-join his boule-partner, Pat.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009 Detroit Season Warming Up

As the weather adjusts, our weekday players have been coming out of hibernation. Last week's game included Pat/Mike/Kevin with a 13 to 9 victory over Tim/Jeff/Raphael/Mark. We began quite strong, building up a 9 to 2 lead, but then Mike (who is twice the man Pat will ever be) starting hitting his marks, resulting in a strong comeback win.