Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pat "The Rocket" Launches his Team's Scores Skyward

Not a single shot missed!  And these were difficult shots to make
 Pat "The Rocket" A. really held up his moniker well today by shooting everything in sight with the utmost skill.  There wasn't a target that he couldn't hit - and his pointing wasn't too shabby either.  Fellow team member, Alpha, who plays excellent when on Pat's team, also rolled in crucial points - while the opposition seemed to be working off a hangover as their pointed boules wobbled tot he right and left of the cochonnet.  Some times a game can be like that, and everyone in the club is a skilled player.

Ever cautious, Fred walks with care across the petanque piste

Maury's idea of having Pat start each of his team's rounds didn't seem to pan out...   so he had other ideas...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Huge Sandwiches and Plenty of Laughs

Fred is always very careful where he walks
Tim consuming his submarine sandwich
 Close game.  We ought to break into doublettes now that we're getting a consistent amount of players each afternoon.  First four gets into the first doublette.  Next group, the 2nd game...
Abu the Magician

Is that really coffee in Sam's cup?

What's that in the bushes?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big Foot and X-Ray Boules

You never know what will be at the park during a game

 Admittedly, I really shot badly today - didn't make one!  I should have realized earlier and just pointed.  Team-Pat (Pat/Sam/Tim/Nick) had an early lead-off of 6 points (!!) before we earned even one point, but then we (Jeff/Fred/Maury/Alpha) slowly ascended, getting our points with lucky breaks and gifts from the opposing team.  The ground was unpredictable, which showed in our pointing.  At least the weather was agreeable.

Result Positive or Negative, you be the Judge
  There was a part in the game where team captains were asking aloud how many boules were left (from each team) - which is crucial (or can be) to estimating whether to shoot or point, and strategy.  The rules of petanque do not demand that players offer up whether or not they have boules left to play, they only mention that a player cannot hold more boules than allowed to throw (in other words, a player cannot pick up a voided boule and hold it while the round is in session because then the "counting of boules thrown" may become incorrect/confused.)

While players are not obligated to disclose how many boules they're holding, our new x-ray goggles will tell us exactly how many are left to throw.  Looks like Fred has two boules (and are those two cochonnets?) left

Hurricane Gusts Didn't Blow The Boule Game Away

Reaching 40 m.p.h. the winds blew the cochonnet around a little

Alpha concentrated on throwing at right angles to allow for the wind

 Sure it was windy (40 MPH winds) - but a few hardy players braved them for the sake of practicing.  You never know when you might be at a petanque tournament in Florida durng a hurricane.  This is a perfect simulation for just such a scenario.
Deric stapled his cap to his head to keep it from blowing to Woodward Avenue

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Double Victory for Pat's Team at Cadillac Square Park

Pat firing in his boule
All sorts gravitate to the park

Nick and his size 17 shoes need a bigger circle

Alpha keeping his team afloat

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Clowning Around at Cadillac Square Park in Detroit

Clowning around at Cadillac Square Park
  Another splendid afternoon of petanque.  A guy could get used to this.  Representing the Honigman boys was Maury, teamed up with Fred and Alpha, but they couldn't put a dent in the momentum of Sam/Jeff/Tom.  As the Sun shifted its angle, so did we, playing on whichever courts afforded us the extra warmth.  In mid-Summer we'll be doing just the opposite, tracking the shadows.

Tom points in with finesse

Following the Sun at the numerous courts at Cadillac Square Park

Fred's Kung-Fu grip as he witnesses the superior pointing by Team-Jeff

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Norm joins the Detroit Club

 Right away Norm was pointing in very close boules.  We were all impressed (and delighted with the 13/4 and 13/9 wins).

Abu the Magician pointing in his boules...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tim worked a nice carreau into today's game.  First of the season I think.  The first game started well for us, (2 points right away) but sank faster than a stone as the opposition (Tom/Tim/Fred) piled on their points.  We just couldn't do anything to shut down their pointing.

 The second game was more even, with each team showing strength and adaptation to the terrain.  Maury voiced complaint that the gravel wasn't as even as some of the other courts - but playing in the Sun trumped any moves.  We took the lead but sat on an 8 to 7 lead with the clock running out (near 1pm) - so we opted for even points around and the next round's winner would take it 13/12.  We ended with an edge of the seat situation - opposition with the close point about 5 inches away from the cochonnet, but the front position was open at 7 meters.  I rolled my two boules in, catching the point with the last boule for my team, and Tim opted for the shot, which removed only his own boule (after a newton's cradle situation).

The game wouldn't be the same without Pat's commentary