Friday, September 28, 2012

Came Back after a 9 to Zero Climb to Win

Things looked dire at the start of today's game, with four points lost in the first round, and another four in the second.  Down eight to zip, our opponent's gained another point to make it 9 to zero.  At this point, Maury (on the team with Zero points mind you) offered terms for his opponent's surrender - which were promptly ... rejected.  So be it, as the next few rounds whittled down that lead until we overtook and beat them 13 to 9.  A very satisfying victory.  The strategy laid out by Sam really aided in our come back as he carefully noted when to shoot, and most important, what path to take in pointing, which was expertly carried out by Maury for the win.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alpha Traded in the Nick of Time for the 13/12 Win

After Fred received a "business-related" phone call (which we suspect is merely a message that the 2 for 1 donuts are being given out a the local Tim Hortons) and left, we picked up Alpha, which really helped in our pointing and for the win.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lucky Cap - Not So Lucky - Double 1/13 Losses

I'm not going to attribute by twin 1/13 losses this afternoon to my stylish cap - it was just bad pointing from me and my team mates.  The lucky thing was that it wasn't a complete rout (13/0) - but not THAT lucky.  See you Thursday!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pat and Alpha on a Winning Streak

These boulse look well used.  That is a magnet stuck on to his boule to retrieve it.

In the center of Paris is a park, Jardin Luxembourg, where Petanque is played daily.  The players keep their boules in their own numbered boxes, and that, in a kiosk that is locked/unlocked each day

Friday, September 21, 2012

Chilly Petanque Weather - Brings Out the Hardy Players

Definitely a chill in the air, with folks donning jackets and pullovers for petanque playing while we look for sunnier spots to play.  The courts at Cadillac Square offer some warmer pistes towards the east side of the park, and that's also thicker gravel - keep that in mind!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Steven and Elisabeth Return to Germany

The Detroit Petanque Club enjoyed the company of boulistes Steven and Elisabeth from Germany this past week.  We wish them a safe journey home and a return sometime soon.

Steven amidst the flora of a newly refreshed Detroit.  When he worked in Detroit years ago it was a completely different scene at this location, it used to be a bus depot, no petanque at all!

 Ti returned to play boule with us today (Thursday) and with her help we (Jeff/Alpha/Ti) almost took the game (12/13). 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Steven and Elisabeth join us from Germany

 Monday's game was moved across the street to Campus Martius Park because of the extremely long lines waiting for free Wendy's Bacon Burgers.  Aha!  I should have realized that all I needed to do to bring 5,000 people to play petanque was to give out free $2 hamburgers...  The line was considerable, running the length of Cadillac Square Park, then wrapping around the street.
 Visiting from Germany, Steven and Elisabeth are here visiting Steven's family.  They're avid petanque players and were more than welcome to play some boule with us on Friday.  We also had Eliot, a friend of Alpha's, roll over to play some petanque (he's played before as well).