Monday, October 31, 2005

Give Thanks to Red Bull

I have to thank Michelle for stopping by the piste in the "Red-Bull-Mobile". She provided all the members with a free taste of the great energy drink, and gave us just the right amount of boust to put the boules right in there all afternoon... I tried to convice her that the drink should be renamed "Red Boule!" but she didn't think the boss would go for it. ;-( Oh well, she had to go for today, but I told her she must return to play some games!

You Can't Stop Her

Joyce just can't get enough... Now she has to watch over Gregory to make sure the boules are sorted correctly, which they were. How thankful could I be to have such a concerned and helpful group of members in the club!? ...and although I don't have a picture for this, I also have to thank Maude for the great cookies she brought (as evidenced by how fast they went!)

Never Enough Promotions!

Joyce welcomes EVERYONE! She definitely takes the Promotions Director position seriously... We couldn't have hoped for a better person for the job!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Kevin Gets off his Bicycle for a Moment to Boule

Kevin leads historical bicycle tours in and around Detroit and befriended Cheryl and James during these "cyclethons"

We're happy to include him in our club and Kevin really shined today with pointing and even a great and crucial game shot!

See you on the terrain soon!

It's not all about Petanque -Sometimes we Garden

If you think Joe is just about Petanque, you're wrong. Few people know that Joe is absolutely passionate about gardening. Here we see him POINTING out a particularly nice selection of hardy mums to James (equally interested) and Maude. If you need any tips about plants, you can always catch Joe at the BORDINES NURSERY in their GREENHOUSE.

James Joins Detroit Petanque - Jesse Cheers

James (light grey sweatshirt) joined us for a few games of petanque. He was "captured" from the sidelines and convinced that playing is much more preferred than merely watching.

And VOILA! another member added tot he petanque rolls.

Bite of the Black Widow

Joe coordinated with a black-widow theme on Saturday - right down to his gloves. He earned that reputation by eating his way, point-by-point to a victorious 13.

James Catches the Sun

Experienced plombe milieu player, and soon-to-be Havanese puppy owner, James is seen here just before a shot.

Allan Brings Ian in from Ann Arbor to Play

Before long we will need to grow another club in Ann Arbor for all of the University of Michigan students and teachers. I'm glad Allan has jump started the process. Ian said he'll be bringing LARGE GROUPS down to Detroit from U. of M. to play. Thanks Ian!

Petanque is good for Kids Too

What better activity for kids than to be outside, in the fresh Fall air, socializing with other kids and friendly adults, and learning something new.

Petanque has easy rules, with lots of room (a lifetime) for experience gaining.

Lots of Fun Down at Campus Martius Park - Join Us

Friday, October 28, 2005

Gene Victorious in Today's Matches

We didn't BET my hat (and I'm thankful for that) - but Gene does look very "East-European" wearing it...

If it's Friday, then it must be Petanque

Today's contestants included, Charles, Sharon, Gene, Hal, Deric, and Jeff. TonyT showed up after the games concluded. We have quite a nice group of pointing going on, with some progressing to shooter level (Sharon, Gene, TonyT).

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gene & Jeff - Two Games Lost !

It's tough going to lose 13/6, but how about having a 12/6 lead and STILL LOSING?! Gene & Jeff lost both games fair & square to TonyT, Deric, & Sharon. Strategy Strategy Strategy

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

April Boules Day

Deric brought along a neighbor of his, April, who bowls but has never played petanque before. Let me tell you, she rolled in her boules within an inch VERY reliably. She has a natural pointer's talent. We (Wayne & Jeff - then Wyane left and TonyT replaced him) almost lost to them, but we caught up in the end... 13/9.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Today's Games Sponsored By Emperor Penguins

It was cold and damp, but we still had 8 people willing to play: TonyT, James, Cheryl, Deric, Jeff, and Hal (Gene and Sharon came later and had to sit out). I was teamed up with Hal and Deric for the first win: 13/6. The second game (Hal left) Deric and I lost to Cheryl's close boule, TonyT's strategy and James' shooting... 13/8.

Meet Pascal - New Member from Brussels

He doesn't speak that much English, but boy can he throw a boule! Lightening fast, he's one of the best shooters I've ever seen. Bam! Bam! Bam! He shot away each of James' boules like it was nothing. Fortunately I was teamed up with him - for the 13/0 Fanny. whew! Welcome to the club Pascal. He lives in Windsor and I think he said he'll try to make it during the week.

Club Members Requested for Assistance

Monday, November 14th @ 2:30pm - Joe, Don, Ken & Jeff return from the Miami, Florida tournament.

We will hasten directly from the airport to the boulodrome at Bordine's Nursery where we will begin the raking, weed wacking process of clearing the pistes for petanque use.

This process won't take more than a few hours, especially if you can help pitch in.

Come after work, help with the grooming, bring a rake AND YOUR BOULES... because after we groom the piste we're going to play our first games there that evening!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Detroit News Takes Close-Ups at Lunchtime

Lunchtime Petanque always includes something newsworthy. Usually it's Gene's spectacular shooting, or Sharon's magnificent pointing but today it was David Coates from the Detroit News who took our photos. More familiar with bocce, we taught him about the nuances of petanque. As you can see, Gene was relatively unflinched when the telephoto was up in his face (he got the point).

Triplettes at Lunchtime

Sharon, Jeff, and TonyT took on Gene, Deric, and David. We beat 'em fair and square (despite telephoto lenses in our faces).

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cold Weather Crew

MPC players don't stop when the temperatures drop below 50!

We're like the Energizer bunny, we just keep playing, and playing, and playing!

Two New Happy Members at MPC Piste

Nicole and her father, Maurice, came all the way from Windsor to play petanque with us, and they had such a good time that they decided to join the club.

They both did excellent, and I had a chance to play some great games with each of them;

but I won't comment on who I think is progressing more quickly... ;-)

Fun in the Fall

Got a ball, any ball!? We'll play with it! All these leaves won't stop us...

New Boulodrome Work to Commence!

Ok petanquers, this is what we have to work with this winter.

I paced it out, and we should be able to fit 4 pistes per greenhouse, that's 8 total!

Everyone break out the weed trimmers, rakes, and shovels and lets go to work! We did it once, we can do it again... Be sure to check the website for the official boulodrome-cleaning date.

Secrets Revealed!

Jimmy K thinks he's been doing some dangerous pointing these last few weeks. I finally found out how he does it... It's the Halloween candy that gives him the energy!

The Three Petanque Tenors

Over lunch on Saturday, we discovered that along with Bobby A. -- Gene and TonyT like to sing. TonyT likes to sing karaoke - Sinatra is his favorite

Next time we have a club gathering, we'll have them do the entertainment.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


For more photos, click HERE

Jeff & Joe Instruct French Visitors in How To Play Petanque

However unlikely, it actually happened that the Detroit Petanque Club received a group of 6 visitors from a University in Windsor who were French and Spain natives. Though they've seen the game played at home, they didn't receive any real instructions until Joe and Jeff showed them this afternoon.

Cheryl 's Mini-Boules Seek the Cochon Everytime

Paul Visits the Detroit Petanque Club from Washington, D.C.

Paul is a very experienced player, having played Petanque over forty years ago, in of all places, Africa! And this long time honed skill really showed on the terrain as he shot boule after boule away with what seemed like ease... (Easy for HIM!) We hope he joins the Michigan Petanque Club tomorrow in Royal Oak (if he has time). Thanks for showing us your talents Paul -- hope you have a safe trip home.

Matthew Joins Club and Plays Exceptionally

Mr. Plombe - James

James has been playing petanque like a rock-star. His plombe shot is now so deadly accurate, you'd better HOPE and PRAY he's on your team - else you're a goner!

T'Choupi Socialized Like Crazy

It's a little difficult to concentrate and point a boule well, but Denise did an admirable job, with T'Choupi tied to her hip.

Lots of Fun for Everyone at Campus Martius

Lunch Break for the Petanquers at au bon pain

Denise and T'Choupi joined Gene, Sharon, Cheryl, James, Joe, Tony and Jeff for a little lunch break before venturing back out to the piste. The food in au bon pain is VERY tasty.

Start them Young!

Joe helped these kids to learn a little something new...

...and in a few years they'll be beating us all !!!

Campus Martius Park had Lots of Boule-Play

The visiting group of 5 French (and 1 Spanish) college student, plus Jesse, Paul (from Washington, D.C. Petanque) and all of the others really made for a surprisingly full group of boule piste play (especially during a semi-chilly day.

TonyT places Boules into a Fall Arrangement