Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fred Captain's Team that Nearly Came Back from 3 Points Against 12

In a very exciting Wednesday game at Cadillac Square Park, Team Fred/Jeff/TallJeff was behind Team Pat/Tim/Nick 3 points to their 12.  In a series of carefully orchestrated rounds they gained point by point until they sat at 11 points to Team-Pat's 12.  In the final round, Jeff rolled in a boule for what would be 2 points sitting (and the win) - but a nicely played boule by Pat removed our chance giving them their 13 and victory.

13  Pat  Tim  Nick
11  Fred  Jeff  TallJeff

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Abu Tops the Petanque Club Rankings

3  Pat  Fred  Tim  Nick
3  Jeff  TallJeff  Abu
13  Jeff  TallJeff  Abu
11  Pat  Fred  Tim  Nick
13  Pat  Abu  TallJeff  Tim
12  Jeff  Fred  Maury
13  Jeff  Fred  Ali
3   Pat  Maury  Tim
13  Jeff  Fred
10  Pat  Maury  Tim

Friday, July 19, 2013

Marco Foyot USA Tour

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Heavy Rain Showers on Thursday Did NOT Keep Us from Playing

13  Fred  Alpha  Nick
9  Jeff  TallJeff
13  Pat  Maury
9  Tim  Rel
13  Pat  Tim  Maury  Nick
9  Deric  Jeff  Fred  Alpha
13  Alpha
9  Jeff  TallJeff
13  Pat  Tim
7  Jeff Alpha  Rel

Friday, July 12, 2013

Week Ends with Everyone Playing at Strong Levels


 13  Fred  Nick  Jeff
2  Pat  Tim  TallJeff
13  Pat  Tim
5  Jeff  Maury
13  Jeff  Fred  Maury  Sam  Timothy
8  TallJeff  Pat  Tim  Nick

Monday, July 08, 2013

Games are Really Heating Up - Teams Evenly Picked

Monday's game was well played to the end.  The teams were evenly matched (Pat/ Abu/ Fred/ Alpha) vs. (Tim/ Jeff/ TallJeff/ Deric) - and the score see-sawed a point or sso throughout.   BUT, the final round had the cochonnet knocked far back and away from Team-Tim's mass of boules.  Leaving us with a boule to try and hold against four or five contender boules from Team-Pat who took the game with five points earned.

There are two types of rankings going on, the POINT SPREAD AVERAGE for those that want to see who has been winning their games with the widest point spreads (or losing games with the slimmest); and then there is the WIN PERCENTAGE rankings.

13  Pat  Abu  Fred  Alpha
8  Jeff  Tim  Deric  Tall-Jeff
13  Alpha  Tim
2  Nick  Rel
13  Nick  Rel
11  Alpha  Tim
13 (7)  Fred
9 (3) Jeff
13  Pat  Alpha  Fred  Maury
12  Nick  Rel  Jeff  Tim

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Latest Results Even During Rainy Days


13  Pat  Maury  Deric  Sam1
6  Jeff  Fred  Abu  Sam2
13  Pat  Tim  Abu
9  Jeff Maury
13  Maury  Sam  Fred  Deric
4  Jeff  Mark  Alpha
13  Jeff  Mark  Alpha
6  Deric  Maury  Fred