Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catch Your Game of Boule When You Can

 My team took a shellacking today with a 2-13 loss.  Despite some okay shooting, it really came down to excellent pointing.  I'll have to keep a careful eye on the progress and switch to more pointing next time.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy Day Down at Cadillac Square Park - Plenty of Exciting Play

 Lots of great playing at today's game, with Team-Abu/Jeff/Deric/Fred pulling in a strong victory over Team-Pat/Tim/Maury/Hitesh.  Hitesh, who has played with the club years ago, returned and wow, he started off wonderfully - laying in close points.  I thought my team was doomed Hitesh's points were right on.  But fortunately my shooting mojo was juiced up and I was able to knock away every close boule - about time!  We were pointing great (thanks Fred/Deric & Abu) and slapping away anything our competition could roll in.  The whole time, Illy Mack was drawing portraits of the team players (see them HERE).   

Portraits of Petanqueurs by Illy Mack

Abu captured with his winning wink!

The first time Hitesh comes down to play, in years...  and he gets his portrait done!

I think Illy did a great job...  especially capturing my special "English" on my boule

Maury's was the best, it really shows character!

Illy captured Sam's exhaustion (from the new baby) perfectly!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Player, Christian, Points like a Champ

 As I was setting up the courts today a kid ambled over to inquire about the game.  He played bocci before and wondered if this game was similar.  After a couple of practice throws we brought him right into our afternoon game, and a good thing he was on my team because his pointing was fabulous.  Christian was pointing, push-pointing, and he even shot a boule out!

Sam attempts to win some points for his team

Christian, attending school, stopped by and inquired about the game.  We brought him right into the competition. 
Good thing, too, because his pointing was excellent.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big Comeback Spells Upset for Team Abu/Pat/Maury

Today's game offered up a quick lead for Team/Abu/Pat/Maury, holding 9 points to Team Tom/Tim/Jeff's measly 4 points.  But new energy and firm pointing from Tom converted the somber atmosphere into celebration as our close pointing wasn't even approached by our adversary.  A difficult tir-au-fer (shooting metal to metal) shot together with way wide pointing from the opposition left us sitting on 12/10 and finally making the 13th point for the win. 
 At the team selection process in the beginning of the game, Pat picked up Maury thinking he'd be holding 3 boules for use, but his 3rd team member, Abu converted that plan into 2 boules a piece, no advantage.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another victory for Team Fred/Abu/Jeff

 Pat/Tim  13   Jeff/Maury 7
Pat/Tim  13    Jeff/Maury/Fred 10

Tim/Maury  13    Nick/Fred  12
Tim/Maury 13    Nick/Fred  7

Jeff/Sam   13  Abu/Tom  3
Jeff/Sam 13    Abu/Tom  6

Fred/Jeff/Abu   13    Maury/Pat/Tim  9

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two doublettes (note to self: bring more boules)

Pat and Nick talk while Fred tosses the cochonnet
 Lovely day at Cadillac Square.  We're so convinced that the Winter is well behind us that we even reclaimed the boules stored in the indoor petanque court.  Playing outside on dirt and gravel is a much nicer game.  Don't get me wrong, it was a blessing to be able to continue playing on the indoor courts all Winter, but I really missed the air shooting that Cadillac Square provides.

Unfortunately we didn't have all of our boules today so Pat had to sit out the games.  But that has been fixed as I reclaimed the extra boules from the vault petanque club

Tough pointing for Team Abu/Tom - while Sam dialed in rather rapidly

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Team-Abu/Pat makes a Double Win on Tuesday

Fred and Jeff took advantage of being outside at the Cadillac Square petanque courts early to take some test throws, which works for a round or two in the first game until Pat & Abu caught on and began pulling in points rapidly for their team.  It wasn't long before Pat and Abu took that game in an alarming, 13 to 7 finish.

In the second game, Jeff & Fred were joined with Tim against the bullying Pat & Abu team.  Pat & Abu ascended early out of the gate, gathering 8 points rather quickly to our 1 point.  The courtyard echoed Abu's hearty laughs as they left us sitting on a single point - a point given to us in accident.  But then Jeff won a carreau, which worked as an intimidation factor towards a gameplay turnaround.  Team-Pat and Abu watched us gain point after point, his feet becoming colder and colder, and with a meeting coming due, Pat was in an anxious position after we tied the game up at 12 to 12.

Tommy Bahama and Brandon the Sax player came to watch us, and the final boule failed the re-take the point as Pat and Abu ran back to their offices victorious.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March in like a Lamb... for Petanque in Detroit

Team Abu seizes double victory against Team Pat in the first outdoor game of 2012
Score: Abu/Fred/Jeff 13/7  Pat/Maury 7/13
Abu/Fred/Jeff 13/11 (7/5)  Pat/aury/Tim 11/13 (5/7)

 Lots of people walking in the relatively warmer air today at Campus Martius Park.  We even had a few film and camera opportunities as Dan Mears from the Detroit News and another (unrelated) fellow with a video camera on a tripod took footage of us.
The surface was admittedly a bit hard, and we're so used to the seam that runs down the center of the court in the indoor games that it took us time to adjust

Team Pat was stumped by Abu's excellent and crucial pointing.  Sure, there were plenty of 1-point take-backs but in the end, we grabbed up all of the points, even greedily devouring 4 at one round.
 The indoor games will continue, as this break in the weather can't last long.  NBut you can be sure that we'll be out in the warmth come April/May for our 7th year at Campus Martius Park.