Monday, April 29, 2013

Alix Plays Anchor for Team Alpha/Jeff/Alix for the Win

13  Alix, Alpha, Jeff
9 Tim, Maury, Deric

Excellent game play this afternoon as Alix and Alpha showed up around 4 rounds in, to turn things around for the good.  We kept Team Tim/Maury/Deric at 9 points for 8 or 9 rounds while we were only gaining a point per round.   Alix just has a natural feel for pointing the boule straight in, within a couple of inches.  Not an easily beaten point by any experienced thrower.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1st Zanesfield Petanque Club Memorial Weekend Tourneys

The link to the Event page and info is located here:

if you have any ?'s we can be reached at the above email address. Hope to see some other teams from the Midwest. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday - April 23rd Results

Today we were joined by Alix (sp?) who was brought to the piste by her friend, Alpha.  Alix was brought into the game right away, as is our habit, and she played well after just a few throws.  Unfortunately, she and Alpha jumped into my game where I was already down 10 points - so she had to wait for the 2nd game in  order to make headway.
13  Abu  Maury  Nick    2 Alpha  Alix  Jeff  Time
13(8) Nick  Maury  Alpha    6(1) Jeff  Tim  Alix

Monday - April 22, 2013 Results

13  Abu & Maury    7  Jeff

13 (8) Abu & Maury    12 (7)  Jeff & Tim

Monday, April 22, 2013

Thursday's Game Results

6  (Jeff & Abu) to 13 (Maury & Alpha)

13 (Jeff & Abu) to 3 (Maury & Alpha)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday of the Season Petanque Opener

13  Jeff  Abu    7 Nick  Maury

13(7) Nick  Jeff      11(5) Abu

Day Two of the Season Opener in Detroit

Maury, Alpha, Tim and Jeff played a couple of games, while Pat coached from the side lines

 13  Tim Maury         6  Jeff Alpha 
  7(13)  Tim Maury       4(10)  Alpha Jeff 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Season Opening Game at Cadillac Square Park (Monday, April 15th)

Excellent weather for the season opener, with 70 degrees and sun in Detroit.  Out on the piste today were Tim; Deric; Maury; Jeff; Abu; and Fred.

right away the players were tossing excellent points, with Abu noticibly getting close boules every time!  Fred (also on my team) was throwing great.

We (Abu, Fred, Jeff) won the first game 13 to 4 (against Tim; Deric; and Maury).

The second game (a short one to 7 points) also went well.  Abu left for work, but we (Fred & Jeff) carried on with a 7 to 2 victory.

Not bad!

Pat, avid fan of the game, was out that day, but I'm sure he'll be back with us as soon as he can.