Saturday, December 31, 2005

East Coast Chapter meeting

The East Coast Chapter had their first meeting of the year last night. They played on Wells Beach Maine with the visiting Detroit members (Melissa/Gregory) won.

The low tide hard sand made for a decent surface though it was necessary to move around the beach. Footprints kept snagging the boules.

Later in the evening, the mini-boules were brought out and more locals were introduced to the game.

Photes to come later.


Jeppy said...

Excellent news. I have no doubt that the East-Coast Chapter of the Detroit Petanque Club will fare better as they become more experienced.

Bravo on introducing the Mini-Boules to Mainers!

Anonymous said...

Hey... Mr. DPC, I'm pretty sure these great players happen to be MPC registered. Does acceptance of a mini-boule set automatically make you a DPC member?? I'm going to have to start watching your methods... ;-)

Jeppy said...

No, actually, as the gift was a mutual one from both MPC & DPC - your registration with one club (or the other) is secure.

We only permit "club transfers" after a blood sacrifice...