Sunday, March 27, 2005

SOON: Moving Outside to Royal Oak Piste

As the weather gets warmer, and the inside of the Bordine boulodrome gets very warm, our club will begin its plans to both clean-up the inside of the boulodrome for Bordine Nursery to use as its summer-stock greenhouse, and also to groom and prep our piste in Royal Oak for club play.

To this purpose, we'd like to organize a few of our members so we can work together to pack-up Joe's tables, chairs, banners and rakes in his truck. I'm not saying it will be this week, or even the next, but it'll be soon.

As for Royal Oak -- the ground there may need some weeds to be poisoned, some raking, and some grooming to get us ready for outdoor petanque play. There is a picnic table at the site, but I'm planning to build/buy a 2nd one, and we'll think about expansion.

Please keep in touch on this blog and the website (or by phone with Joe and me) as to when we'll be moving outdoors.

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