Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mini-Boules in Jeff's Basement

Dinner party for 8 last night, but with my main plan of sneaking a few games of mini-boules out of this crowd. Success! We held a Mini-mini-Boule Tournament (Best of Three) downstairs at the Widen Mini-Boulodrome.

Team James/Cheryl against Team Ken/Jeff. The first game was won by James & Cheryl. Cheryl's pointing was masterful, and James was trying out plombette throws. Game two, Jeff & Ken won, with some crucial strategy... we pointed (PINTed - "every term is downsized) in and then put up a mini-wall of boulettes up-front to plock them. Surprisingly, James shot away our close boule "Tir-au-Ferrette" twice! Then the final game... it was 12/11 (us) - and we had the 13th point sitting there... but with her last mini-boule, Cheryl shot our close boule away, pulling in their 2 close boules... and getting La Belle.. Victory!

Virtually everything about mini-boule is the same or very similar to regular-sized petanque. You can perform all of the shots, pointing, strategy... and do it in an area 1/3rd the size... I used painter's tape to mark off the piste and standing areas... It helps it your carpet is a thin one, sorta industrial cheapo style... it allows for more realistic boule motion.

Eyeballing the basement...ummm Mini-Boulodrome... I'd say we can squeeze in 4 pistes easily... and thus, able to have ALL of our members over for semi-regular petanque playing during the winter...

---Yeah... I'm Nuts!

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Dieter said...

Hi there, Detroit-Boulers, nice Pics of that Mini-Boule Event :)
I've posted a link to your site on our Boule-Blog. There you can allso see how we handle playing Boule in winter (click on the Name). Best regards from Germany...Boule rocks!