Sunday, February 12, 2006

Meet Celia - VP-Mascot of Detroit Petanque Club

The Detroit Petanque Club has an offical VP-Mascot, Celia. T'Choupi is more than happy to have a "back-up" Havanese - the two dogs got along very nicely.

Denise (left) is holding Celia. Cheryl is holding T'Choupi. Notice Celia's paws... she is going to be "silver tipped" when an adult.

Celia eating out of T'Choupi's water dish. It's not a problem -- the Detroit Petanque Club likes to share.

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Anonymous said...

All hile the Midwestern Havanese Petanque Army (Celia, T'Choupi, and Marley)! With our training, their's no one that can stop them now! ;-) Watch out everyone, the boule is rolling...