Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rond De Petanque (50cm)

For those of us who hate drawing circles in the dirt there is a clean and snappy solution: the "Rond de Petanque 50"

Simply pull out your RDP from your pocket, and snap open each of the segments to form a perfect and legal 50 cm circle. Place on the terrain - and play!

No, I don't sell the thing, I saw it on EBAY (france) - just look under the search term: PETANQUE

I can't wait until someone invents a 4m x 14m terrain which unfolds from a briefcase!


Anonymous said...

We were hoping you would take care of that problem for us Jeff...

Petanque America said...

We have them in stock now.
Another typical argument is history.
Although that was part of the typical banter, they are quite handy!