Sunday, September 24, 2006

Midwest Petanque Tournament in Chicago turned into 2-day event

......... With local meteorologist reports from the Chicago Petanque Club announcing 40% chances for rain on Saturday, the registered teams toughened up and still went out to compete.

Four games were played, with some slight delays from rain. Tents were thoughtfully provided by the Chicago Petanque Club to wait out the short showers, then boule play continued.

A reporter and a photographer from the Chicago Herald Tribune also came to visit and interview the tournament organizers and participants (check the Lifestyle section soon for the full article).

With the weather turning the 9 pistes into mush, gameplay was decidedly pushed to a surprise second day. Reports coming in from Chicago are that the Michigan Petanque Club's team of Roland and Cyrille are well ahead of the rest - while Denise and Lindsey of the same club are doing rather well (winning 3 of their 4 games on Saturday).

Sunday, two additional games will be played before the final match.

UPDATE: Unconfirmed reports that 1st and 2nd places have gone to Chicago Petanque Club teams. Congrats! I've no doubt the specific scores will be posted soon by our friends over in Chicago. It is reported that the terrain, after a good long baking by the Sun turned into a rock-hard surface. Those who can't adapt ... suffer!

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