Thursday, March 06, 2008

World Record Attempt - "48 hours in May"

Joe Zajac and friends will be attempting to break the World's Record for Longest Petanque Marathon which was set by a club in Germany. Their record, 40 hours and 9 minutes, will be attempted to be broken at the official record-breaker event to be held at the Rochester Heritage Festival on May 23rd through May 25th (Fri Nite to Sunday Nite).

A special webiste: has been set-up to offer details about the event as well as how to participate (as a player, helper, witness, or sponsor). There are a thousand details to shepherd for this event to be official and Joe Zajac could use your help to get this done.

Why not visit the website, check out what's needed, and give him a call or e-mail.

If anything, you'll be able to tell your pals how you took part in a World Record!

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