Friday, January 09, 2009

Memories of Last Summer

Since we're in the throes of winter, when we can only dream of Sunday afternoons playing pétanque (at least those of us not brave enough to play in sub-freezing temperatures), I thought I'd share some pictures of warmer times last summer, during the Midwest Pétanque Tournament in Chicago. This was my second year of competition, and I'm really looking forward to my third. Enjoy.

Grant Park once again provided a beautiful venue for the tournament.

My partner, Paul Murphy, and me prior to the start of the tournament.

Paul laying in a point.

A pause between games.

During the Consolate round -- The flip of the coin.

The 2008 Midwest Pétanque Tournament competitors.

The Consolate round on Sunday was cut short by a horrendous thunderstorm, but this didn't dampen our spirits in the least. (Taken from Paul's car.)

Because of the rain-out, there was no awards ceremony, so Paul and I had our own. We came in first during the Consolate round. (Sorry, I had to throw this one in.)

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Anonymous said...

You sure look proud - as well you should be!!!