Sunday, March 29, 2009

"8" Unlucky for our Adversary

I've heard from our French players that "8" is an unlucky number for the French. Friday's game proved this to be true as Pat/ Maury/ Kevin were stuck on 8 points as Tim/ Raphael/ Jeff steamed ahead to a 13/8 victory.

Today's team composition was pretty fair: Tim has become an excellent shooter - he's reliable for 80 percent of his shots. Then Raphael is the very stable pointer - with his signature "Raphael Push Pointing" to move the enemy positions aside. I've been pointing better than shooting lately - perhaps due to the extreme distances of the cochonnet laid down by Monsieur Binkow whose tennis-arm puts the cochonnet at 14 meters!

Maury's strengths are definitely in the pointing realm coupled with strategy - but he's pushed adversary boules out of the way more frequently these days. Pat - always good as a mileu (all-around player with a very strong "Pat the Rocket" shot, and a mindful pointing. Kevin, also a great pointer - but his teams rely upon his expert surgical shooting to win them points.

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Brooklyn Boule said...

Love that score keeper..... hope you all have a great year...