Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tim C. In the Lead - Pat Right Behind Fred

The continued saga of the Winter Olympics Season of Petanque continues in the Gove Bouleodrome in Downtown Detroit.

The combine efforts of Tim C.; Pat; and newcomer - Fred make a thorough and embarrassing skunking of Tim W.; Maury; and Brian in game-1. Pat made quite a few cochonnet shots that kept their opponents at Zero points.

The second game was a real bun-burner, with Jeff switching to team Gove for the win in a 13 to 7 confrontation. Pat's A-game dwindled as some shooting misses, and opposing boule pushes worked to our advantage.

With the outside temperature in the low teens - we may have to extend this indoor competition for a little while...

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Gumper said...

When, where?
Let me know.
Wayne State Wayne