Friday, April 16, 2010

Campus Martius Park in Detroit wins Urban Open Space Award

Campus Martius Park, where the Detroit Petanque Club holds its weekday games, won a very prestigious award today, the Urban Open Space Award for best urban park in the United States.

Detroit's Campus Martuis Park won first place out of the 88 entrants, quite a feat!

About two weeks ago, I met with the traveling judges: Amanda Burden (Commissioner, NYC Planning Commission) and Marty Jones (President, Corcoran Jennison (based in Boston)) who were being given a tour of Campus Martius Park by Bob Gregory (Chairman, Detroit 300 Conservancy). Mr. Gregory wanted to show the judges one of the many fun socially interactive programs going on at the park. Afterwards, I sent an e-mail to the judges to let them know of local spots in their own cities (Boston & New York) where they could play petanque.

A few days later, Ms. Burden e-mailed me that she planned to incorporate petanque courts into the new waterfront esplanade on the East River in New York.

You can find the Detroit FreePress Article: HERE

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