Monday, April 11, 2011

Two Fun Games at Campus Martius Park

NOTE: Heather B. the manager for the groundskeepers for Campus Martius Park and Cadillac Square Park, told me that she has arranged for the regraveling and hardening process to begin tomorrow through Wednesday. We will not be playing petanque until the surface is dry, so we'll play our next game on Thursday (April 14th).

Today's games were really competitive with Tim C. being the MVP for the first game (we had 5 boules of points in one of the rounds!) and the second game's MVP shared out between Sam O. and Fred K. Sam was putting in the crucial close first boule - and the opposition just could seem to find the distance. Maury B. was puttingin some dangerously close curve boules, and Pat A. was slamming away some of the boules - but by the time they decided to shoot - they were low on "ammo" Nice games guys! See you Thursday.

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