Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jeff Returns to the Petanque Arena for his First Game in Three Months

After a three month hiatus, I'm back fully healed from my triple by-pass surgery. Not one to lie down on the job I rolled the boule cart out to Cadillac Square Park to meet up with Steve and Elizabeth visiting from Germany (Steve is originally from Detroit and visiting friends & family). Mark and Abu also joined us and we played a nice leisurely game in the breezy, comfy shade. The match was hard fought with Abu/Elizabeth/Jeff taking the 13 to Mark/Steve's 12 points. Steve and Liz will be playing up to Tuesday so come on by and test yourselves against their skill. Steve has a killer pointing throw. My own shooting isn't back to its normal (abysmal) level - so I'll most likely be pointing for a few more games. Sam rolled over on his bike to say hello and promises to re-join the group soon, and Tom ambled by (on the way to care for his pooch) to say hi.

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