Tuesday, June 05, 2012

When the Cochonnet Really Does Fly Away!

Turkey Vulture carried Sam away during the game.  Article 11 of the Rules of Petanque didn't cover this instance
Article 11 – Jack Obscured or Moved

If, during an end, the jack is accidentally masked by a leaf or a piece of paper, these objects are removed.

If the stationary jack is moved by the wind or slope of the terrain for example, it is put back in its place on condition that it had been marked.

The same applies if the jack is moved accidentally by the Umpire, a player, a spectator, a boule or jack from another game, an animal or any moving object.

If the jack is moved by a boule played in this game it is valid.

To avoid any argument, the players must mark the jack’s position. No claim can be accepted regarding boules or jack whose positions have not been marked.


During our game, in the initial toss of the cochonnet, a seagull swooped down and snatched up the cochonnet and flew off with it.  I told the players that if this had occurred during a round with boules on the ground, we'd need to consult Article-11, which would, in this instance, invalidate the round as the cochonnet was moved completely off the court (and probably into some nearby trees).

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