Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Season Opening Game at Cadillac Square Park (Monday, April 15th)

Excellent weather for the season opener, with 70 degrees and sun in Detroit.  Out on the piste today were Tim; Deric; Maury; Jeff; Abu; and Fred.

right away the players were tossing excellent points, with Abu noticibly getting close boules every time!  Fred (also on my team) was throwing great.

We (Abu, Fred, Jeff) won the first game 13 to 4 (against Tim; Deric; and Maury).

The second game (a short one to 7 points) also went well.  Abu left for work, but we (Fred & Jeff) carried on with a 7 to 2 victory.

Not bad!

Pat, avid fan of the game, was out that day, but I'm sure he'll be back with us as soon as he can.

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