Monday, August 26, 2013

Pat slides to Second Place in the Rankings

Excellent games being played - really tight scores.  We've had some visits:  Bob M. from North Carolina; along with local visits from Paul and Tom W. (Jason C's visits are becoming more regular so we won't consider him a guest any more - he's a regular!)

13  Abu  Nick  Alpha
6  Fred  Jeff  Tim
13  Jeff  TallJeff  Abu
10  Fred  Tim
13   Abu  Jeff
12   Nick  Fred
This was a good game.  Abu and i were well behind, caught up - and won!
13  Pat  Tim  Maury
9  Jason  Bob M.   Tom W.
13  Pat  Tim  Maury
6   Paul  Fred  Jeff  Nick
Paul was pointing immediately like a professional. Good going Paul!

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