Sunday, March 12, 2006

CuBOULES at the Michigan Cuboules Club !

Never ones to sit on our hands, The MPC and DPC have searched the globe for obscure sports, and now we're playing CUBOULES. The sport of Cuboules originated in the hills of France where Les Boules Carrees have been played for decades. The sloped terrain didn't allow for regular (sphere) boules to remain in place, so cubed pieces of wood were used instead. Most of the rules for CuBoules are the same as Petanque except: You stand in a square (not a circle); You play to 16 points (that's 4 squared); If a CuBoule lands atop

another CuBoule (or the CubeCochon) it's an instant win for that match. As a sideline amusement for the Members of the Detroit and Michigan CuBOULES clubs, we also Square-Dance before and after each game.

We invite you to come down to our square-piste, to play CuBoules with a bunch of squares like us.


Anonymous said...

You need help.

Anonymous said...

We've got arguably the most information and experience on boule games of anyone in the country... just because people in the south of France play Cuboules, doesn't mean it's strange that we want to try their game.

The "help" you suggest may be more accurately directed towards you that doesn't try these different cultural sports... it's just a game afterall... don't over analyze it, just have fun...