Sunday, November 11, 2007

CHICAGO "BoulerBear" Winter Tournament

The Wild "BOULER-BEAR" Winter Singles TOURNAMENT is coming to Chicago in January 2008. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Be a SURVIVOR at the craziest winter petanque event of the Midwest. For more details, visit

Are you man enough? Are you woman enough? Are you wacky enough? Be a part of this coming winter's COLDEST, WILDEST Tournament. The "BOULER-BEAR SINGLES".

Chicago Petanque Club


Anonymous said...

Is this tournament like the Coney Island (Brooklyn, NY) Polar Bear Club challenge? Do we wear swimming trunks while playing?

Detroit Petanque Club

diveborabora said...

Very Cool ;-) Chi-town guys!

One tip from an experienced, cool-boule thrower from Michigan... contrary to popular thought, "keep the boules warm"... it's much more effective to keep them very cold to initiate a snow-bouling effect to turn a 76mm boule into a 120mm point-taking rolling shot. It compensates for our pointing difficiencies! If you're additionally lucky, the boule packs itself into position to make shooting that much more difficult...

Looking forward to putting that and our others into practice! Looking forward to it!