Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Most Dangerous Petanque Club in the United States

a recent report came out that Detroit is rated THE MOST DANGEROUS CITY in the nation. Second is St. Louis; and Thrd is another Michigan city: Flint. That being said, the Detroit Petanque Club is therefore the de-facto most dangerous petanque club in the country.

Not many people know this, but all of our club members wear body armor, pack heat, and we have to play inside an electrified cage.

Despite these safeguards, we lose about 2 players each week due to snipers; pitbull dog attacks; and nearby drug-deals gone bad.

In fact, if our club weren't part of FPUSA, the federation insurance would have been about $2 for the entire collection of petanque clubs. Sorry guys...


Anonymous said...


You are a very sick man.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advise, I was thinking about going there to play a Tournament in the future. I better stay Home!


Anonymous said...

I'd pistol whip the guy in the picture just for that foot foul.