Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chicago's First Annual BoulerBear Games

The First Annual Midwinter BoulerBear Games in Chicago was a rather invigorating and spirited event.

Before the games could even begin, much shoveling was needed just to get down to a playable surface... a frozen and fast surface. As soon as the games began, it was very apparent that heavy backspin would be the technique of the day.

The ever-famous Abramski Gas-fueled Boule Warmer saved our fingers from falling off. The event would not have been possible without the Boule Warmer. It was also discovered that heating up an extra boule and putting it in your pocket felt really nice. And if you put it in your pants pocket, it felt ESPECIALLY nice.

Lunch at a local, warm restaurant and our PRE-PRE-season club meeting followed the event. A grand time was had by all.

A photo album of the event can found at


Anonymous said...

How nucking futz is that!
Guess you showed those guys from Minnisota a 'ting or two, ya sure, by yumpin' yiminy.

Anonymous said...

Are you people outside of your minds?!!!

MPCSec said...
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MPCSec said...

You guys Rock! We should all take a note in dedication from the Chicago group!!