Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Maury is M.V.P. for today

Really some unbelievable pointing today. Maury B. saved us at least three times with almost impossible pointing situations in clinch (last boule) rolls. One time his boule actually rolled over the stationary cochonnet and tapped away an opponent's boule which was sitting there at 1 cm ! It was in slow motion (just enough velocity to do that trick). But the other team had... Abu and Brian G. two very tough pointers. It was anyone's game until the final boule rolled in at 13/11.

Welcome to new players, Scott T. and Ken. Both extremely good pointers right from the first throw. Hope to see you soon.

In other news, Brandon, with just enough games under his belt - TOPS the rankings table unseating long standing champion, Pat A. I'm sure Pat will be eager to compete against Brandon and bring him down. With only 10 games on him, Brandon needs to keep winning every game to stap up there.

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