Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maury's Team Caught Up and Beat Us

Hal and I were doing rather nicely, maintaining a health 3 or 4 point lead on our opponents. But then they started gaining on us, getting a point here and there until it was a 10 to 10 match. The final set-up offered up 3 points, and it was all over (for us). The game today was, I felt, particularly competitive because we played most round (ends) close (in distance). This allowed for everyone to both point (and shoot) comfortably. Yes, mixing it up is part of the game, but typically, when the cochonnet is kept at 7 meters or so, the games become alomost a boule-for boule exchange. Tim W. was shooting perfect today. There were situations where I was setting up a defensive placement of boules feeling the we couldn't be "unseated" - and then BLAMMO! Tim smacks in a solid boule shot and way we went.

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It looks COOOOLD!