Thursday, March 11, 2010

2010 Season Opens with Twin Wins for Brian G. and Tim C.

A great day for a season open, we played at Campus Martius Park (until the fences around Cadillac Square Park clear).

The game play started out strong for us, taking the lead at 9 points to zip, but then our adversaries realized we weren't playing on carpet anymore and started to give a bit more umph to their throws.

The finish, 5 points for Brian & Tim came after our sole boule was struck away and the cochonnet was swept to a key spot.

The "revenge" match, brought Pat A. out to warm the benches as we played a 5-pointer. But again, Team Brian/TimC. took the day with a 5 to Zip sweep. Heck, this is getting annoying!

Anyhow, we should be playing regularly at Campus Martius Park (next to the Au bon Pain - now closed) from Noon to One. See yah there!

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