Friday, March 19, 2010

Pat A. Shoots the Cochonnet with a Calculated Risk

Randomly drawn teams are a good way to run a club - little room for argument when a "blind cochonnet" selection is the deciding factor. But, sometimes fate places strong players on the same team (as in today's match where we had two strong shooters on a team). The challenge of overcoming the odds is part of the fun! Sure, you might feel out-matched but perhaps you shouldn't concentrate on the win as much as decreasing the point spread. Strategy will also bring you a better game position. Pat and I were taking some calculated risks (shooting the cochonnet) - blowing up a group of boules to move the cochonnet into the open - and those risks could have fallen badly for us (they happened to work out well). Risks, however must be matched up with the score situation. If you're leading by tons of points, sure, go ahead and take those chancy glory shots... but if you're way behind in points, you may want to keep an eye towards defensive boule placements to limit the points of the opposing team. Whatever. Have fun. See you next week!

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