Monday, August 30, 2010

Jane & Howard's Ann Arbor Petanque Tournament a Big Success

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This past Sunday, Howard Ando and Jane Wilkinson of the Ann Arbor Petanque Club held yet anoother stellar tournament. Beginning at around 2pm, dozens of people joined in on the merriment as we played random selected teams in three games.

Some familiar faces from the Royal Oak circuit were present (Michel & Jeannette; Danny; Arnold...) as well as a visitor from North Carolina: Bob Moyer. The Ann Arbor club boasts very skilled, and determined players as well including David, Bill, the 2 Larrys, Maury, and Gilbert. Forgive me if I left your name out, I'm terrible with names...

The champion was (or better stated: remains) Michel. Good going! We look forward to the next tournament at Ann Arbor's well-groomed, partially shaded, pistes.

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