Monday, August 02, 2010

Rita Joins the Detroit Club

We should re-name the Detroit Petanque Club to the Honigman (and Friends) Petanque Club. Rita, observer and longtime distraction for the players finally joined the game today and just in time. She displayed an incredibly straight petanque throw which landed her boule right next to the cochonnet mutliple times. Sufficiently, in fact, to place us in a 10 to nothing spot! But a mislaid boule (on my account) pushed our opponent's boule in for a point and that began their rapid ascent... tieing the score, then passing us at 12 to 10. We finally evened things up, 12/12 and had the final ("point takes it") round. By sheer willpower we forced the win 13/12 victory. Bravo.

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