Thursday, November 04, 2010

a close game... a good game...

The 12/12 in the final round is my favorite type of game. This is when you really need to make every boule count. Today's game had some interesting variables. Abu/Boris made for a powerful shooting and pointing combination, one which Jeff/Maury couldn't unravel - UNTIL we found the opening... Boris, though an incredible pointer at 8-10 meters, was not used to the 6 meter cochonnet toss and so it took a few rounds for him to dial-in to those distances. This gave Maury and me a distinct boule advantage which we (of course) capitalized upon as Abu was left with 3 boule to our 6! We caught up fast (being behind Zero to 7 points) - to land on a 12/12 game. The final round could have gone either way with a 10 meter cochonnet and multiple close boules. It was fate which landed our boule sufficiently close to take the 13th and winning point.
So what is the lesson to take away from this game? Observe all of the aspects carefully... Mixing up the cochonnet distances to see what is better for you (and worse for your opponent) can make all of the difference in the end result. But also know that just because there was a "flaw" available in this game doesn't mean that with practice, it will persist!
See you tomorrow!

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