Monday, November 08, 2010

Detroit Gets a Visit from Portland, Oregon

Joe C., a member of the Portland Petanque Club came to play at our courts at Campus Martius Park this afternoon.
Before he arrived I did a bit of google searching to see what to expect from Joe. I see he's quite the expert shooter... excellent! Abu and I (both shooters) teamed up against Joe C. together with Boris & Sam (pointers). It was a good game in that despite my team leading off with 5-6 points, Team-Joe caught up and passed us with their own amassing of points. finally we gained the 13th point for the win. Joe made some fantastic tir-au-fer shots and the members present were watching his technique.
The second (played to 8 points) game was a disaster for my team! Joewarmed up to the terrain, and he laid in 6 points in the final round... zilch for us!
Next time I'm in Portland, I'll be "gunning" for yah Joe. Nice to see you in Detroit!

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