Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Detroit Hub Visits the Detroit Petanque Club

Ashley, journalist and Kenny, photo-journalist joined us today from The Detroit Hub, a website of journalists dedicated to telling the stories of the people, and organizations that are transforming Metro-Detroit.  I wasn't sure they would be entirely up to our salty group but as it turned out, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the trash-talking experience.  Not one to allow others to passively watch, we drew them both into the action after a short lesson on how to play.  We split into two teams, with Pat A., Tim C., Fred K., and Kenny verses Jeff W., Abu M., Ashley, and Nathan.  Nathan, by the way, is from Vietnam where petanque is regularly played.  While Ashley had progressed at an exceptional pace throughout the two games we played; Kenny displayed a superhuman expertise with the boule.  No doubt we would be in for a strong competition.  The first game went as expected, with the more seasoned players on Pat's team pulling 13 points to our 2.  The second game, a revenge match - had a completely different scheme as we quickly ascended to six points to our opponent's ... zero!   It took quite a bit of yelling coaching on Pat's account to bully inspire his team to gain five points. Time being a constraint, we decided to end the game at that round, and as such, our final result gave Team-Pat the win (13/12 modified).

Nice group for a Wednesday

Kenny displays his mastery of the boule to Ashley

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